Anyone Else Had Dog Hot Pot?


for real? people are actually doing this? thats like one of the most ass backwards things i can think of. i’ve seen people shooting squirrels with bb guns back in the country of old. (not to be confused with the old country) and i was disgusted with that enough but dogs… who are these people and where can i apple daily them.


There might have also been a general cull by the authorities. Last week I was descending and saw not a single dog. I stopped at the main feeding location and had a wander and there’s notices everywhere about this issue.


thats something i cannot make any sense of. why are pet shops allowed to keep selling the way that they do when it leads to this problem? there is a big problem with education and how to take animals too which is obvious from walking down any street and seeing a dog in a bag or pram.

i even know someone who has a dog but doesn’t want to(and doesn’t do it either) take it out. they literally think its ok to just keep it in the apartment. buy a ****ing cat then.


One sad looking thing that i saw yesterday.


There was a dog down the road from us that was kept out the back of the property and that would bark like a psycho for no reason. I asked the landlord about this and she said the dog had literally never been outside of the house on the street side. She said the neighbors had all purchased double glazing to keep the noise of barking out. Nation of gutless muppets.

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thats horrific.


But it’s so cute!


I thought they made a law making it illegal to sell pedigreed pet?


Maybe in China?


2019 Singapore case[edit]

On 8 May 2019, a 38 year old man who travelled from Nigeria was hospitalised in an isolation ward at the National Centre for Infectious Diseases in Singapore, after being confirmed as the country’s first case of monkeypox. As a result, 22 people have been quarantined.


I think it’s not illegal. But I believe they have a 1 pet policy in many cities. I think it was illegal for a while to own a dog as a pet because it was a considered a bourgeoisie thing to do under Mao.


it was made illegal to walk dogs in hangzhou i think. between daytime hours. can’t get a walk and constantly at risk of getting petnapped and eating by the security guard. pets have a rough time in china…


I thought so too. We discussed it here a while ago. But cant find any laws. I thought it had to do more with puppy mills, but they are still prifitable as ever.

the abandoned and stray dog thing is big. As is the sick sport of killing things here without real equipment (meaning painful and apparently fun :frowning: ). The government here has pretty bloody hands in the scenario as well. Even recently. I feel sorry for garbage men. I also wont ever piss one off.

The animal cruelty aspect is real. As for dog meat as a meat, its no different than other meats except it tastes bad. That stray at 7 11 that got cut into hot pot had a WAY* better quality of life, and far lower carbon footprint due to recycling our garbage, than the poor damn pig, chicken, cow etc that you had today. Some perspective would go a long way on dog meat. Fact is we like dogs. Most people are intentionally ignorant about how their food gets produced :frowning:

Cats, from an environmental perspective, should be banned. Cute. But not really, so selfish. And devastating. Just a walking, noisy, killing brown eye on 4 legs.

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I had a chance to eat dog soup in Korea, but passed for obvious reasons.

I’ll eat organ meat, insects, even the occasional horse meat, but I pass on man’s best friend.

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I heard it taste terrible. How was it? I can’t eat dog as well, just can’t. I do believe the laws make it impossible to eat dog now in Korea.

I’ve heard stories as well, I was told never to let them loose around construction sites or factories in China. And be very careful if you own a dog near one.


It was good. Tastes like very lean beef, kind of like American Buffalo if you’ve had that.

I believe sale and consumption of dog meat is still very much legal in Korea, even if it’s nowhere near as popular as it was a couple decades ago. Mostly oldies like it, but the younger generation sees dogs more as pets. It seems every Korean kid has a story about their grandparent tricking them into eating dog when they were younger.

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Really? I like buffalo, make excellent burger meat. Where did you try this? I’ve never seen any place that offered horse meat. I was told it didn’t taste very good. I know it is very lean, just looking at the muscular structure of a horse you can tell haha.

I think the law forbids the slaughtering of dogs for meat. So I think you’re right that consumption is still legal. I think we talked about it in another thread.

Yeah, they often give it to them when theyre sick. My mom refused.


I had ba sashi in Japan, which is thin slices of horse sashimi dipped in a light garlic sauce and it was awesome.

And then I had horse barbecue in Jeju, Korea (they have a special kind of horse, almost more like a pony there). Same concept as regular Korean galbi, just with horse meat.

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I’ve bet on too many horses to eat one.


Hey, what can I say… I was so hungry, I could eat a horse. :drum: :sunglasses: