Anyone else part of the 1068? (Taiwan Survey towards Foreigners)

Received this rather meaningless and not much disclosing card in the mailbox that I am withheld to be part of a Survey among 1068 foreigners, initiated by MOFO and run by a university it seems -

Subject says “…to offer foreigners an enjoying work - life experience in Taiwan as to find improvements …"

No, I won’t go sarcastic as each initiative is good - but dunno what to expect. I’d rather provide the opinion of a group than my own.
Anyone here whom was ever part of such a survey? If so, was there ever feedback given?

Not sure if it was the same one or not, but it probably was. This was like 2 to 3 years ago. I got the card and then set up a time to meet the student who would interview me. I think he was from NTU. We just met at a coffee shop, and he had like 2 - 3 pages of questions to ask. There was quite a wide range of questions. Mine was right after the smoking ban took place, so I had a few questions about how I felt that changed things in Taiwan. Also a bunch of stuff about how I felt I was treated at work. Anyway, it was pretty painless and I got a free coffee out of it, oh and a pen! I never received any follow-up, so I have no idea what happens after the whole thing is over.

I was interviewed for one of these same surveys in 2009. My experience mirrored tiare’s above, including no follow up, although I was told I might be part of a future panel.

I still have the pen, lol.

A pen and a free drink - but no feedback . Think I will pass.

It looks like one of these typical " lets keep our people busy but not rock the boat which could reflect Taiwan as a true Asian tiger which embraces change " projects :frowning:

Or " let’s give ourselves a tab on the shoulder for another mission accomplished "

Yeah. I received the paper too.
Still don’t know what I want to do with that.