Anyone else's dog not neutered yet?

I have been debating whether to have my dog neutered or not. It’s a small dog, and has a good personality. I’m just worried that after having his balls cut off he won’t be the same. Anyone else owning a dog who is not neutered yet? Sorry if this topic has been discussed before.

I just had my nearly two year old dog neutured four weeks ago. Still have to have my female spayed…

For the first few days he was very lethargic but within a week he was back to normal and seems to have had no real personality changes since. I too, thought his balls would be “removed” but they weren’t. What they did was actually a vasectomy. Everything seems to be in working order still and the incision was much smaller than it would have been if the good docs had removed the entire issue. They acually asked me if I wanted it to be permanent or just tied off!

I’m certainly glad that I had it done - not just to prevent future little Grommits, but also because it will give him a much healthier future in the long run. Now it’s going to be Cleo’s turn. For her, they will take it all out. I do worry a bit for her as it is a much more invasive procedure but in reality, the benefits outweigh the negatives and I feel pretty good about my Vets. There is a lot of info available on the net which can help you to make an informed decision.

Gustav had his dangly bits removed just over a year ago. It happened before sexual maturity, so some of the habits dogs learn at sexual maturation (marking, lifting a leg to pee, mounting) are less ingrained. Gustav got right swollen up after the operation but the swelling went down after 5 days. Hmmm - maybe I’ll post pictures later! :smiling_imp: Gustav is a content dog, likes to play, rediscovered his territorial streak when we went camping, and doesn’t show an inordinate amount of interest in sex, although when a bitch is in heat, it sets his nostrils a-twitching - and he just can’t stay away. He doesn’t know what he’s supposed to do, but he’s pretty sure there must be something going on… :laughing:

One thing he has never done is hump a leg, and thank God for that. He’s a big guy - I’d feel pretty violated! :astonished: :help:

Have your dog neutered. It will slow him down for a few days, but he will soon be back to normal. There are no adverse long term affects. In fact, you are doing him a favour as removal of the testicles at an early age reduces the dog’s risk of cancer in later years.

Absolutely no change in my boy (the dark brown one in the avatar), other than he no longer goes running off at the first scent of a bitch in heat.

He still likes to ‘practice’ on his girlfriend, though (the light brown at the back).

It really is the best thing for him and the dog population as a whole.

This topic makes me squirm.

If someone wanted to cut yours off ‘for your own good’ how would you feel?

Still, I have a girl and a boy now so something (or someone) is going to have to get done.

Yeah I think that’s what has been holding me back. The thought of my boy’s balls being cut off is kinda of scary. My dog doesn’t show any signs of aggressive behaviour, and he never runs to bitches or any other dogs as a matter of fact. Once in a while he will go and hump this girlfriend (plush toy dog). I think the biggest reason for neutering him would be to prevent health problems in the future.

The balls stay; they just shrivel. :s

[quote=“Loretta”]This topic makes me squirm.

If someone wanted to cut yours off ‘for your own good’ how would you feel?

Still, I have a girl and a boy now so something (or someone) is going to have to get done.[/quote]
yeah, and it’s not like one of them is able to have a wandering eye :s

Not necessarily. Gustav lost his altogether.

All the people I spoke with in Taibei who haven’t neutered their dogs think neutering emasculates the dog.

Yeah, and that’s why we have all these stray pups running around and people putting up “Home Needed” ads!

Spay and neuter your pets. It’s the right thing to do. Please.


I have a ninth month male toy breed and I’ve noticed recently he’s not my sweet little baby anymore. He’s been barking a whole lot more than usual (getting annoying), and although he was very good at going to his papers (up until about a few weeks ago) he recently has been doing a little marking around the house (another annoying habit he’s starting to develop). It’s because we have an unaltered female in the same house (his girlfriend now). She isn’t in heat yet, but I plan on getting my amourous little boy neutered soon otherwise I know I’ll regret it. I wish I had done it earlier before all this headache the little stinker is giving me. Snip snip! I’m thinking about renaming him ‘Stinky’. lol :stuck_out_tongue:

My dog won’t go impreganting any bitches. He’s very well behaved, and never runs off. Should I still have him neutered?

Of course you should. If you keep them in a jar of formalin its a good bargaining tool – “See, you dirty little bastard? This is what you got for nothing. Just think what you’ll get for doing SOMETHING!”

Probably that’s because he hasn’t encountered any bitches in heat.

I wouldn’t count on such good behaviour if he smells a bitch in heat. Neutering is highly recommended.

Are there health advantages to having an older dog (two-plus years old) neutered? Or are the health advantages only gained when the dog is neutered at a young age?

Yes, I know that neutering a dog prevents unwanted puppies… but my question is related to the health benefits associated with neutering.

Vaneesa consoling Gustav, right after he was neutered at the age of ten months.

Gustav had to wear this for a couple of days to keep from licking at his stitches

Gustav’s life has remained pretty good, even without his balls. This was taken during our CNY camping trip down south.

Isn’t it against the rules to post pornographic pictures? Even if they are of a different species? :laughing:

If I ever get a dog or cat here, I will never get him/her fixed. Plead all you want, it will fall on a deaf ear.

Then please don’t get one. Or, better still, get a post-menopausal one.

There’s only one way to find out if you should have got your pet spayed or neuterd, and that’s when it gets pregnant or impregnates a female - the latter you may never find out about.

We went to the Taipei dog pound a few weeks back. Lots of unwanted pups on death row. We counted over 250. They have already been destroyed and another couple of hundred have taken their place.

Just go take a look at where abandoned dogs are left to fend for themselves. Try anywhere in Taipei County. ShiJr has plenty. BaiShaWan had many when I was there at the weekend. Most of these dogs are in an appalling state, but they still manage to produce pups, which in turn get into an appalling state.

Within a half-kilometer fo each other, I saw a total of about fifteen stray dogs. One was riddled with cancer, had no hair, skin disease, and one of his feet had been chopped off. It slept near the half-devoured skeleton of what I assume was another dog.

I also saw a young puppy that had just been run over. The father was standing guard over the lifeless body.

Then there was the young dog that was so thin I could see all its ribs and its pelvis. It also had a missing foot.

Your unspayed/unneutered dog will just add to this misery. But, hey, as long as your pet’s having fun, eh! :unamused:

I’ll be posting pics of this trip soon. Please, spay or neuter your pet. Even if it’s housebound, it can be very stressful for an animal not to be able to satisfy its natural urges. What reason could you possibly have for not being a responsible pet owner?