Anyone enjoy wearing masks?

I actually quite enjoy it. I haven’t gotten a cold this year, it hides my RBF so I don’t have to fake smile, I don’t notice the bad air as much, and others can’t read what I’m thinking. I will probably continue wearing masks even without the pandemic, and in Taiwan it’s pretty normal unlike in the US where it’s stigmatized (before corona times)


Fucking hate them.


masks and glasses don’t go well together. If I wore contacts, I wouldn’t mind it though.


I hate it but if rules says you have to wear them, then I have to.

Yeah, glasses are a major reason to go N95. If you fit them well, no fogging. If fogging, you have to fit them better.

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Masks might be a good idea on airplanes for me in future. I often got colds but no colds this year ! Remarkable .
But personally I really don’t like people wearing masks just to hide their faces which was already very common in Taipei. It’s hard to communicate with them and it feels antisocial when the big city is already too antisocial.


After 12/1 we all are wearing them more… i dont understand why… winter ? But taiwan is not as safe as before?
Night clubs, bars a joke.

But restaurants no, tw eat for 30 minutes and use the space for chatting for the Other 1.5 hr of the time slot But not requiring a mask .
No social distancing , some try but thats been thrown out .

Just wear a franking mask and frank off yall!!
Frankin stupid

Same here.

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Yep, true that. And doesn’t help your skin any better.

Personally, I prefer breathing.


this has legitimized several of my fantasies

That #dsk@* (sorry I’m wearing a mask ).

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Amazing how masks even affect your typing.

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You don’t know finger masks are a thing now ?


If you can’t breath while wearing a mask, you’re lungs are really really weak or you’re in denial. A mask might take 1% away from the oxygen.

I’m sure you’re post wasn’t just politics.


In the stifling humid heat of summer wearing a mask sucks here. That doesn’t mean we won’t wear masks if we need to…have to right ?


I like it, can hide my goblin face.

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Some people do look more attractive with the masks on.


I can lip sync the music I’m listening to on the bus in daylight now! No longer restricted to the Kaoshiung highway night buses.

I almost thought you said it hides my @RBE. I was like what?