Anyone ever gone to House of Anger?

This place

Is it still open? Their website doesn’t work, which is a bad sign. But Google is saying it’s still open. How much is it?

Can’t you just do this at home?


Only once.


According to the website, it closed on June 30th. Cost was $2,080ntd for a group of 4.

Here’s a video ad from a couple of years ago

I get mad just thinking about it :angry:

But then my neighbors will think they live above/below a crazy person. Plus I have to clean up.

When really I just wanna smash some junk up to relieve some stress and anger.

Shame it’s closed. It seemed fun. Surprised they did it groups of four–I always thought this more of a thing to do alone.

it just justifies the price. I am sure they wouldnt mind singles paying full fare.