Anyone ever ordered from Chefs Catalog?

I am looking at ordering a food processors from them, I never ordered before and wanted to know if anyone had experience ordering from them.

Well, I suppose nobody ever used this website. I placed my order for a food processor this morning, we’ll see how it goes.

I’ve never used them, but I’m curious to hear how the experience goes - their selection seems fairly broad, and it may turn out to be a good option for purchasing in Taiwan. I hope you can update later about how it works.

So, I got my food processor yesterday. This is a quick rundown.
April 4th, I send an email to their customer service asking about shipping and local taxes or any extra charge once the product is in Taiwan. Less than 24 hours later I received a full reply saying basically everything is paid up front and no surprised charges or taxes etc…
April 5th I place my order for my food processor. I got an instant email saying that my order was received and that once the credit card clears I will be notified.
Less than 24 hours I am notified the card has cleared and the order is being processed and I will receive an email within 7 business day when the item is shipped.
April 11, I receive email that the item has shipped via DHL and I should receive it within 6 to 12 business day.
April 15 I receive my item. Packed very carefully, I checked, everything is there, receipt, invoice, nothing broken.

SO, great service, lots of choice on their website,good and fast customer service, I’ll buy there again. great experience.

Good to know - thanks. Will keep them in mind.

did you have to pay a duty, or was it included in your order as Amazon does?
My aunt sent me one from the states and i had to pay NT$3000!

What was the total cost of the processor…?

365 US $, including tax and shipping.