Anyone Experienced with Home Kareoke Machines?

I know where to find them, but how does it all work? Options like Chinese, English, update with company, download over internet, which company, DVD, MP3, MP4, pre-installed, adding new music, mixer needed or not needed…

I’m thinking of purchasing a machine for my home. Seems they mostly come with some preinstalled Chinese music but not much English music. I would appreciate any suggestions on best type, service, and internet sites to purchase new songs/video.

I would like to add English language songs/video either/or with DVD/CD or download over internet.

I don’t like Kareoke. But my wife just spent 28,000 on a new machine. It has 500 GB worth of songs in it. Some English, some kids songs. Japanese. You name it. You can add more songs from DVD if you want. Seems a waste of money to me.

Aaaaaah, not Karaoke! Not in my home … even not in my building … please …

So, no I can’t help you … carry on!

Yea, I saw one for 28,000, but I don’t know what options to get. Seems they have different companies and contracts or something to continue to receive music updates.

I can’t sing well enough for public kareoke parlor, so I might try at home alone and hope I don’t scare the dog.

Those preset machines are bulky and expensive. Furthermore, they usually do not have many songs in English. I checked out a couple for my one of my uncles.

You see, he lives in the States -married to a very nice Korean lady- who got him into the habit and so he rebuilt his basement so he could set a nice singing parlor … without disturbing the neighbors. I’ve bought him several discs with KTV songs, from night markets in Taiwan and Hong Kong, instead, and that seems to do the trick.

I’ve got a couple of discs I play on the DVD player if I want to be annoying. My cats try to attack me when I sing.

We used to have a little VCD machine that two mic inputs and vibrato controls and even changing pitch controls, but apparently that wasn’t good enough.