Anyone flying to NYC? Dog escort needed

Hello All!
I am currently fostering a Taiwanese dog. I’ve found an adoptive family for her in NYC and am now looking for someone with plans to travel on a direct flight to NYC that would be willing to escort the dog as excess baggage. It’s my understanding that it’s a pretty painless process for the escort. I’ll cover any costs associated with the transport and would be willing to pay a little extra for the trouble. Let me know if you’re interested. I would love to get her to her forever family in the near future :slight_smile:


can you either PM me or email me all the details
contact info (email and telephone number would be best)

I’ll post it on Animals Taiwan facebook page and also put up a poster in our centre to help out.

Also an idea is to contact some travel agents and see if they would be willing to help put the word out that you are looking for someone to help transport a dog to the US.

be CLEAR on what they would need to do (there’s a little hassle, well not really hassle, at the other end gettign the dogs through customs etc, and there may also be a small fee which you would need to know about before)

my email is