Anyone from Noth Dakota want to meet their Lt. Govenor?

Anyone from Noth Dakota want to meet their Lt. Govenor?

[quote]UND officials are participating in an eight-day trade mission to Taiwan that will end next Sunday.

Lt. Gov. Jack Dalrymple is leading the 29-member delegation, which is mostly represented by 14 North Dakota businesses and higher education officials.[/quote] … 845288.htm

A Noth Dakota native is needed to present case files and reports concerning “problems” Americans are having in Taiwan to this official.
If you are interested, PM me or call

I think this might be open to all interested US citizens.

As I asked in the thread about Huckabee, does the OP not understand the difference between state and federal government?

Yes, but…

[quote]Taiwan Relations Act

United States Code Title 22 Chapter 48 Sections 3301 - 3316

Enacted 10 April 1979[/quote]

Relations between the people of the Taiwan area and the US are not done on a national or federal level. That’s why ROC President Chen Shui Bien is not allowed to visit the US.
Relations are carried out unofficially and only official state to province exchanges are permissible.