Anyone going to the 511 Taiwan Name Rally!?

Is anyone else interested in going to this rally?

I think it seems like a good cause. Have any Caucasians ever marched in this sort of rally before?


Yes, but I’ll be a counter-protester. I think Taiwan should be known as “Bobopia.” (“Bob” being the pipe-smoking messianic-looking gentleman on the left. In fact, he is looking at you right now. Kneel, kneel before your computer screen, human worm!) That’ll show everyone how the culture here is different.

If anybody wants to join me, please wear your Raelian space armor (tinfoil hats, like in “Signs”).

I must ask why you would want to march and protest? Every foreigner teaching English (or doing business, flying airplanes, doing missionary work, training military, married w/ kids, ect.) in Taiwan is a citizen of a country which recognizes the PRC over Chinese Taipei (a trade office is not an embassy). It is cute to toot your horn but I would suggest a worthwhile cause. How about encourage the locals to clean up their mess before the rightful owners take it back. I get bent out of shape when my neighbor borrows my bbq grill but doesn’t take the time to clean it before he returns it. How do you think the PRC is going to feel when they take a look around this place?

What an outrageous post. It’s just plain reckless and shockingly irresponsible to loan anything as sacred as the grill to a mere neighbor. Don’t forget the Taiwan creed - if you walk around with your mouth open, someone’s bound to kick a turd in it. Ah well, some people never learn! :wink:

I don’t involve myself into politics of the country I am a guest in.
Saves me from getting into trouble I guess … (not that I used to
do this but it’s not my cause)

Hobart, I’m going. I plan to carry a banner that reads

“Call Taiwan by it’s real name: Nawiat” … (and yes, I’m leaving that apostrophe in there on purpose…)

I’d be more enthused if there were more local support for name-rectification. As it stands, only a small percentage of people are willing to take a stand on the issue. Everyone else might agree privately, but publically they become “Nervous Nellies”.

BTW, caucasians? :? Do you mean foreigners? What about “mulattos”? Do they count? Just how white do you have to be? :wink:

Umm…sorry about the Caucasian remark, I meant anyone that from a distance couldn’t pass as someone born and raised in Taiwan.

Well I couldn’t be mistaken for being Taiwanese, but I wouldn’t exactly categorize myself as Caucasian.

As for this name rally, I think cleaning up the streets should be a bigger issue. Who cares what it’s called if it smells like sh!t, has loogies and betel nut coated roads, and a yellow cloud of carcinogens hanging over it?

Then again, I guess you’ve got to name the road before you pave it.

The newspapers are reporting that the 511 March for Name Rectification has been postponed until the first weekend of September.

Won’t it be a bit silly to call it the 511 rally in September.
They could have it on 5th November thought, that might work

Richard, thanks for information.

imanious: “Then again, I guess you’ve got to name the road before you pave it.”

That is one of the best lines every to be uttered here. Nice!

IOU! Big time!

With all the asphalt I can will into my voice…Taiwan, Taiwan, Taiwan… there now I do not have to go to any rally.


Why don’t they have the march in New York instead ? That’s where all the indepence supporters seem to be, a safe distance away… :slight_smile:

Oh dear, seems like someone didn’t notice my smilies…

Uh . . . what the heck is the 511 Taiwan Name Rally, anyway??

(For you see, I have been on Mars, in a cave, with my fingers stuck in my ears. . . .)