Anyone had Lasik eye surgery done in Taipei?

So my eye sight is just awful. I wear -7.00 corrective lenses to see and have astigmatism. I’m really considering getting lasix done, mostly for the astigmatism which has been really problematic recently. Doctor said it can worsen and get better. And sometime worse if your eyes get fatigued. It got really frustrating playing baseball yesterday.

Naturally it’s a little scary, just wondering if anyone had it done and had good experiences with it.

If it’s authentic lasik (short for laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis) then locality doesn’t matter because they all use the same machinery. The biggest difference is the accuracy of their equipment, newer machines can get nearer to perfect vision than before. If they’re not using some sci-fi looking equipment that you’ve probably never seen before, it’s not lasik. The procedure requires specialized tools to assure that the patient is eligible, and then accuracy during the surgery.

I had mine done in the US. As stated though, a real lasik center should look about the the same anywhere internationally. That said, the conditions I’ve quoted are what you would notice during the first few months of having this surgery. I’ll just list the side effects I’ve had so they’re easier to read.

  • “Vampire eye,” blood red eyes from my eyes being sucked out from my skull. The capillaries were disrupted, so a “clear eyes” solution would just make it worse.
  • Dry eyes. For months, I needed to use eye drops. Sometimes twice a day. Otherwise my eyes felt like a barren desert in the middle of summer.
  • Difficulty focusing. Sometimes I could only see things at a specific distance, couldn’t focus on others.

After a while it was perfect though. Completely worth it

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As far as I know, there are two difference services. One of them is a bit more expensive but prevent problem #2 you mentioned (dry eyes for months). I don’t know it is exists in Taipei but back home I went for the most expensive service (500 euros more) and no problem of dry eyes.
After the surgery, it was so terrible that you can’t do anything but sleep, for the next 5 hours and then it is all good.

It is really worth it. It is expensive but that is money well spent and you are good for the next twenty years.

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Can somebody suggest some clinics? I want the best. The ones with the big, beautiful machines that even The Donald would approve of.

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How high is your astigmatism? If it’s too much you may not be able to get it done. Too risk

I’m actually not sure. I know it’s worse some days than others for some weird reason. Also eye fatigue makes it worse. It’s really annoying doing certain activities that need a sharp eye.

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Definitely go in for a consultation. I bet it won’t even cost you a gua hau.

I’ve finally made an appointment to get the surgery done when I get back to Taiwan. Hopefully it goes well.

So it’s been over a year now. Would you recommend getting lasik? Any long term drawbacks?

Yes. Best decision of my life. Not having to pay and worry about contacts is amazing.

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Hoe much did it cost?

I remember it was about 65k NTD

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