Anyone have a bike for sale (or hire)?

Anything considered, doesn’t have to be great condition or fancy.

Just something I can use to get around Sanxia area (around the University area).

Would consider hiring it also as I’m only visiting for 2.5 to 3 weeks.

What’s your budget
You could probably find a cheap beater on Facebook marketplace. Or use youbikes

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30 to 50 GBP ish. So… Max 2000 twd ish??

You could use Ubike, instead.
There are many stations in this area.


I second the YouBike suggestion. Get yourself the app to locate YouBike stations, or you can use this site

or just search “YouBike” in Google Maps…

And here are the instructions on how to register and use YouBike.

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nothing wrong with buying your own bike. its great for getting around the neighborhood. youbike is good for longer distances.
as someone else said. use facebook marketplace. new bikes are posted there everyday.

In fact given you’re using it regularly, buying one will easily run up cheaper than using a youbike. So long as you don’t bust a tire or have it stolen anyway

Thanks for the info :+1: I’ll check them out if I can’t find a cheap local bike first.

i have road bike, when are you coming to taiwan?

I’ll be landing mid next week. Staying around Sanxia, University area.

Do you have any photos?


I have a friend that’s selling his bike.

It’s a size 61 aluminum frame with Dura Ace electronic group set. Let me know if you’re interested.

For 50 quid? i’ll buy it sight unseen, and ship it to my house.

unless you’re spinning a long line here…

If you don’t, I will take it and pick it up inside the next 24 hours.

sorry… i won’t be in taiwan until late september

Try adding a couple more zeroes behind that number.

Sure, PM me your friends LINE and I’ll get in touch with him :+1:

Thanks very much.

look up a few posts… his budget was 50 squid.

I don’t use YouBike for anything but emergencies. I don’t like the gears or having to park at a station. You can get an off-brand bike at some bike shops for under $2000nt or a Giant for a little more. I don’t know Sanxia that well, but there are often bike shops near a university. I got mine north of NTU.

or you can rescue one of the literally thousands of abandoned bikes at a university bike rack. Sure, may cost you some in replacing brake cables and a cheap chain, but that’s often cheap and you can generally take it to a shop and get them to do it for the cost of the parts alone.

not advocating anything illegal, of course. just a rescue for a week or two, and then return it to the same place.

more of a Random Repair Fairy thing

Yeah I seen all those rusty abandoned bikes a few years back when I visited.

Probably best to ask the security at the university first though?

Amazing what a can of WD40 can do…