Anyone have actual experience with a SIAC (Singapore) arbitration that you can share?

Does anyone have any actual experience with an arbitration case at the Singapore International Arbitration Centre (SIAC) that you can share?

I am looking for answers and examples online and on YouTube. But any actual experience here would be valuable.

My company usually uses SIAC arbitration clauses because the SIAC FAQ says that disputes can actually be handled by mail instead of arranging an in-person or virtual meeting (see Question 13 in the link below). For small disputes, this is an attractive option.

13. Do hearings in SIAC-administered arbitrations need to be held in Singapore?

No. Generally, and subject to any agreement to the contrary or other circumstances, hearings in SIAC-administered arbitrations do not need to be held in Singapore. It is also possible for parties to agree on a ‘documents-only’ arbitration.


I’m confused now because SIAC has also talked about updating procedures during the pandemic to accommodate virtual hearings.

31 August 2020: SIAC Guide - Taking Your Arbitration Remote

28Aug-1045am (14 pages)

Why bother with virtual remote hearings if you can do simple arbitration by post? I am hoping to get a better understanding of what is actually done