Anyone have an "in" with Asus?

I’ve been patiently waiting for an updated Asus Terminator K7 model to come out, and one hasn’t. Does anyone work there, and know if/when they’ll come out with one that uses DDR2700 and can handle the faster Athlons? (And, preferably, has an AGP slot in it?)

They came out with a faster P4 machine a few weeks ago (with AGP). The K7 machine is something like 18 moths old (in moth years, that’s about a century), and are way behind the bend in the price/performance curve (which is currently at around the Athlon 2800 mark – that’s the speed at which marginal improvements start to cost a lot more – the K7 Terminator can only take up to an Athlon 2200, and uses DDR2100 memory (20% slower than the ubiquitous and cheap DDR2700)).

great a motherboard nerd… well my pc runs stable at 133 FSB and my grapics card core is running at 200 mhz oh but it isnt enough… i got some artic cool silver gel on my cpu for maximum cooler… after installing hte gel my cpu temperature dropped 3 degrees C, now I can bump up the frontside bus to 137 mhz and still run a fulll load with the machine only crashing once every 3 hours… i typed that in my best nerdlinger voice

Not a motherboard nerd, just a consumer who doesn’t want to spend money on something that is already two years out of date.

Or, rather, as a little bird (thanks! :slight_smile: ) indirectly mentioned, I’d still be way behind the bleeding edge – but I’d be CHEAPLY way behind the bleeding edge!

My current computer, a mid-tower beige POS, is over five years old and is beginning to get flaky (hangs on boot, the overtemp warning siren comes on every few days, things like that). I should point out that if I were a motherboard nerd, I would not have a five-year-old computer as my main (well, only) machine. :slight_smile:

Basically, I’d rather spend $400 on something that is 7x faster than my old machine, rather than $350 on something that is 5x faster. I’d skip replacing it at all, but it’s not going to last much longer the way it’s been acting lately.

r u sure you need to replace it.

could be the power supply.

I had a flaky system that just needed a new power supply. BTW, a flaky power supply affects (=shortens?) the hard disk life.