Anyone have experience with bat houses?

We’re moving to an area close to the mountains with a stream right behind us and seem to be a lot of little black mossies (the kind with the really itchy bites) there. Also have a lot of dogs, and worry that they’re gonna draw those beasties like crazy. Was actually thinking - among other things - of putting up a bat house from a kit. Curious if anyone here has done this? Bats are supposed to wreak havoc on the buggies.

Bats are great. I love bats. Mosquitoes are bastards. I hate them. If you have any success with this, please post updates! Frankly, I doubt it’s that easy to attract bats - they’re rather shy and retiring, aren’t they? It sounds like a great idea in principle though.

Never attempted it but it seems like the best idea to control numbers,didn’t realize a Bat can catch between 500 and 1000 mosquitoes in an hour!!
this link may be useful…but knowing your usual efficiency,I am sure you have seen it already. :slight_smile:

Shei-Pa National Park has had some success with bat houses: … %3D&lang=1

Where I live (in the lowlands but out of the city) there are heaps of bats around after dark. Still heaps of mozzies, though.

Maybe the Mosquitoes would be scared away if you dressed your Dog like this?. Sorry Vay ,I could not resist. :slight_smile: