Anyone have TaiwanCell service?

I’ll be arriving in Taiwan soon and I was just wondering if anyone has the TaiwanCell service? I just want to know if it’s worth getting (pre-ARC) or if I should just wait until I get an ARC and go with someone like cht or fetnet.
So if you have it…give me the low-down. Thanks!


Whatever you do, if you decide to use FeT’s 900 a month plan expect to pay closer to 1500 a month. That is all I can tell you.

So, nobody has this service?? Come on people…someone has to be using TaiwanCell. Anyone?


are you talking about the prepaid card service?

i’ve used this for a few years. it’s fine if you don’t plan on making too many calls - i used mine to communicate with privates mostly. i can make a $300 NT card last 2-3 months. however, now that i’m starting to make more calls, i’m looking at a switch.

No. I’m talking about this cellphone service:

Does anyone use this service and if so, how is the quality? Thanks.


Hi Carlos,

Wish I could give you an unbiased opinion, but as I’m responsible for TaiwanCell I can only encourage you to give it a try.

We don’t have a lot of customers, because I don’t actively promote it. I spend most of my time reminding people to pay their bills. (They pay eventually, because we modified the contract to allow for legal action in your home country if necessary, but for some folks it doesn’t seem to be a priority to honour their debts.)

To be honest, once you get an ARC there’s no great advantage of our service over any other. Everybody adjusts their pricing from time to time, but generally speaking they all work out about the same if you pick the right plan.

The biggest advantage we offer is the fact that you don’t have to wait until you get your ARC. We can sign you up the day you arrive, which means that you’re contactable by potential employers. It’s hard to get an ARC without a job, hard to get a job without a phone.

We’re basically just resellers for Taiwan Mobile Company, one of the big companies. Technically the service is fine.

Hope that helps, and don’t forget you can always email, PM, or post here if you have questions.