Anyone have this same Internet problem? Is it Yahoo or what?

For a couple of months I have had a constant problem on the Internet, almost always when using Yahoo. When clicking on links in my email box I frequently get an error message that says “This program has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down”, forcing me to open a new window. This seems happen in waves and frequently forces me to restart my computer. It does happen occasionally on other web sites but on Yahoo constantly. I am on a standard PC using Windows ’98. Does anyone else have this problem or suggestions for remedies? Many thanks in advance for any help.

Sounds like a problem with Internet Explorer. Try using a different web browser and see if you have the same problems (ie Netscape). If the problems seems to go away, try upgrading/reinstalling IE or just keep using Netscape (or whatever).

I’d also try upgrading your O/S. I had nothing but problems with Win. 98… Try installing Win 2000 or Win XP.

Yeah, I noticed that with Win98SE in Chinese using IE 5.0 esp. when using Yahoo! Mail functions.

While I haven’'t upgraded the software, since I don’t trust my Chinese much to press the right options, I guess that is the underlying problem.

I don’t see the problem in IE6.0 at all, but that’s English version.

One of those freebie disks should have the requisite software on it, though the cds are getting scarce these days!@