Anyone heard of this abused dog?

There was a television news report on Channel 52 (Zhong Tian) on Thursday (10/13/2005) about an abused dog. Long story short, someone had placed a rubberband on the dog’s penis for a long time, causing problems that you can imagine. Who knows what other abuse. The dog was taken to a vet by someone and treated. However, the dog is so timid now that it will not voluntarily emerge from its cage.

Did a little searching to try to find this dog. Nothing yet. Believe it is somewhere in Taipei, but not certain. Haven’t tried calling the tv station yet.

Seems this dog would be a prime candidate for adoption by someone who had the time to show it the other side of human nature and to try to make up for what it has endured so far.

Any word on the poor dog?

No. Was never able to locate it unfortunately.