Anyone here fish

well im moving to tw in less than two weeks…
Anyone recommend somewhere that I can go Ocean fishing. I currently live in southern CA. I going to miss the TUNA and Mahi mahi runs…
Do people fish for them using poles here> or do I need to jump to australia for some real fishing…
Next…I love to float tube fish for big game fish…are the coasts in taiwan shark infested…
hey if you need a fishing buddy… leave me you number…
thanks :notworthy:

If you go and do a search through the topics, you will find that most people here sheep.

You can arrange to go out on a fishing boat, but you need to know Chinese. People fish from the rocks also. Without going into detail, the fishing gear here is different from what you’d see in the States. It’s a bit on the Huckleberry Finn side.
Basically, don’t expect much if anything in the way of fishing here.

[quote=“wolf_reinhold”]Without going into detail, the fishing gear here is different from what you’d see in the States. It’s a bit on the Huckleberry Finn side.
Basically, don’t expect much if anything in the way of fishing here.[/quote]
Are you kidding? There are several fishing tackle shops near where I live that stock some of the most high-tech gear I’ve ever seen in 40 years of fishing. There’s some good (but crowded at weekends) rock fishing to be had around the coasts not more than an hour or two from Taipei and some fantastic rock fishing further south. Charter boat fishing is big here, but it’s probably not what you are used to – basically it’s a big cruiser with about 30 people fishing from it at once. Wolf’s correct, though, that you’ll be a bit hampered without some Chinese.

Sandman and I used to go fishing together all the time. After we cyanided the fish, Sandman would always complain that the fish-fry made him sleepy, so we switched to dynamite. We gave that up after I blew off an ear.
As far as tackle, Sandman does in fact live closer to a larger body of water than I do, so he probably has it right.

The fishing here–off the East Coast–is supposed to be superb. The coast is beautiful and the waters clean. You will see a lot of mahi mahi in the fishing ports–caught just offshore–on the east coast (Ilan, Hualien and Taitung counties). Tuna, however are brought in from deeper waters.

The biggest difficulty will probably be getting the okay from the coast guard boys who monitor everyone going in and out of the harbors. As a foreigner (“western looking person” I’m assuming) you’ll draw a bit of attention at the fishing ports. It can be a huge hassle because the local coast guard chiefs don’t want to have to answer for missing/drowned foreigners (no matter how much assurances you give them that you can swim, have advanced scuba licenses,etc.) Locals also get boats to drop them off on inaccessible parts of the coast or on small rocks out in the ocean, but if a boat is not an option you may do like they do and hike down “goat” trails to get to the ocean, and from the locals and what I have seen snorkelling off the east coast, you could probably catch some sea bass, humphead parrots, etc.
As for tube fishing, the coast guard will be out for you if you do manage to get out without them knowing about it.
Plus the seas off the east coast can be nasty, tides, currents, rapid weather changes, etc. It is kind of like Monterrey to Big Sur, and though on a smaller scale, is perhaps more radical.
The west coast is shallower and people surf-cast from the ports and beaches, but the west coast beaches aren’t clean and I, for one, wouldn’t eat anything caught in those waters.
So, what are your options? When you get here you’ll be better off hooking up with local fishing tours/guides–you’ll need some local person to help you set that up if you don’t speak Mandarin.
The best place to go would probably be Su-Au–a big fishing port at the south end of Ilan county. There are quite a few fishing tackle stores centrally located and the people are quite friendly.
I wish I could hook you up, but I only have time to fish when I go on vac. to Thailand or The Philippines. Bring your gear, you may not need to go to Australia to fish after all.

I’m surprised nobody has mentioned the shrimp fishing scene here yet.

So I’m wandering around YongHe trying to find a halfway decent restaurant that’s open at 11pm, when I walk past this shop that has a huge swimming pool in it. And guys are using these small fishing rods and bobbers. The water’s muddy, and it’s boiling up from the bottom from a grid of aerators all over the pool.

I hang around for 30 minutes trying to figure up WTF is going on, when suddenly one of them catches something! Oh, cool, he’s hauling it in! It’s . . . a huge f***ing shrimp! Great Neptune, it’s a PRAWN!

What a great sport. It’s got the drinking and fishing part, but with no danger of the falling in and drowning part. And it’s indoors, so you don’t even get rained on occasionally.

Directions: exit the YongAn Market MRT, turn right, keep walking until the street hits a sort of a half-assed “T” at FuHo Road (the left part goes 90 degrees off, the right is more like 45). Take the right fork. You might as well cross the street as soon as possible (say, by the “Young Sister” tea house). Look for the pale blue swimming pool within the next block or two.

Disclaimer: I think these are accurate. I’ll check next time I wander over in that direction. If anyone PMs me expressing interest, I’ll even try to get the address.

There’s shrimp fishing places all over the show. I heard of an ‘improvement’ some of them started offering a while ago. If you pay a bit extra you can get a girl to sit next to you while you fish …


Drive past the National Palace Museum (going south) and keep going for about 2 km. The road bends to the right and on the left there are about 5 or sex…er six of these places. On the right side of the road is a nice river and a places to eat and drink along it.

(Sitting and fishing in a swimming pool for shrimp…some people are indeed easily amused…and you are not even outdoors.)

[quote=“Bu Lai En”]There’s shrimp fishing places all over the show. I heard of an ‘improvement’ some of them started offering a while ago. If you pay a bit extra you can get a girl to sit next to you while you fish …

Woohoo! I’m there! Beer, babe, and fi…uh, shrimp!

I need more info about this shrimp/prawn fishing place that has a side order of ladyfolk :slight_smile:

Went shrimp fishing last time I was in Taiwan and it was good fun. Got a few nasty looks when I kept reeling them in… Its all in the ‘wrist action’ :wink:

They even had one of those arcade ‘claw’ games where you pick up prizes, except in this machine there were trussed up live crabs!
charter fishing trips, whale and dolfin watching tours, trips to Lu Dao.
Great guys and 2 of them speak English, ask for Micheal E. or Hank.

I was talking to a long-term resident Saffie down at Bitan the other week who had photos of him and a friend taken about 2 hours up the coast from Taipei City a few weeks ago. They were pictured along with their catch, taken from the rocks, not a boat. Tuna of some kind. Around 60-80 kilos each. Caught off the rocks.

Where can you buy good-quality fishing gear in Taipei, particularly those vests with a whole bunch of pockets that fisherpeople wear? Somebody I know is looking for one as it’s also good for camerapeople to put stuff in. Thank you!

shi da road opposite JB’s bar.

Down near me on the way out of Taipei to the south. On your right-hand-side as you travel out of town on Beihsin Rd. (which is a continuation of Roosevelt Rd.) Many fishing tackle shops all along there. Best one is just before the right hand turn onto Bitan Bridge, just beside the Have All big motorbike shop.

Have All Big…

fnar fnar… hehhehheh…