Anyone in the TFETP program here? How do you feel about the new housing subsidy rule?

This is not true. You’re thinking of the Fulbright Program.

All I can say is that I have attended an MOE FET meeting and we were addressed by the US State Department educational representative who said as much. If she was lying, it was up to the local MOE bigwigs present to correct her, but they didn’t…

Curious, why do you think it’s much better?

You say administration is done at a regional level, and that’s true to some extent, but what’s this “Central” region you speak of? As I understood it there was only a North and South center, and below those was each city/county’s ETRC (English Teaching Resource Center).

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Share your sentiments. The FETs working in the TFETP certainly don’t feel it’s any better - if anything - it’s worse!

If you guys want to keep your jobs and thrive, I hope you can—based on the example above—figure out how to use dashes properly. I have enough things to deal with in postsecondary education without getting my students to unlearn what they’ve been mistaught in the public system! :grin:


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Sounds like a typical moron talking out of their ass about foreign teachers. I don’t know how someone from the US State Department could make a statement like that, unless something has changed in Taiwan’s own education bureau’s funding but no formal announcements were made.

I sound rude but that’s where I’m at with the government and 100% of the people working for them. No one “in charge” here actually knows anything about the various foreign teacher/ “teacher”programs and they don’t care to learn.

Fulbright is a US government soft power program. They also get a shitload of funding from Formosa Plastics, which is just a McMassive ethical problem that should end them yesterday, on top of Fulbright’s many other gaslighting and cult-like behavior problems. The “teachers” in Fulbright have a BA in anything and US passport and need pass no other requirements to join. The idea is to make Taiwanese children like Americans so we don’t go to war with each other when we grow up. FET/TFETP is an MOE program, run and funded by the Taiwan MOE, with an alleged goal of teaching children English. (Jokes!) They hire people with teacher’s licenses, which is not the same thing as saying “actual teachers”, as the work-arounds are many.

The person from the U.S. State Department probably thought they were speaking to a room full of Fulbrights, and nobody bothered to correct them. This kind of thing happens often.

Last semester we had an foreign English teacher (TFETP people + others) meeting in Pingtung and the head of the local education bureau kept talking about “another MOE teacher meeting” that was taking place in another location nearby. It took as a while to realize that he was talking about Fulbrights, and that he either didn’t know or didn’t care that there was a difference between the two groups.

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We literally are all the same to them. They do not care what the difference is or how much more one group could contribute than the other, and they will end up with increasingly less opportunity for English proficiency the longer they think that way. (And I’m not even an FET anymore…)

To be fair, this doesn’t seem all that different than the American bureaucracy :joy:

Actually in America it’s worse because you often need a credit score to rent a nice place. Sometimes the place will work with you if you offer to pay a bigger deposit, but there are no laws that say they have to work with you. If you are a foreign teacher in America you’d have this issue I imagine.

If you have an immigrant work visa and the right qualifications, you’re being paid a local salary as a teacher in the US. That’s going to come with the same benefits, etc. as anyone else. If you’re a Filipino temp worker as a teacher, which means you’ve been granted a non immigrant visa, you’re probably being housed in slightly better conditions than Taiwan offers the same type of worker of that nationality and paid what turns out to be lower than federal wage. But you’ll hear a lot from local school board officials about how much they benefit the students with their different culture and great work ethic and ability to stretch their income enough to be able to still send money home!