Anyone interested in a Slingbox swap? Taiwan for US TV?


I have access to most DirectTv and Comcast tv packages in California. The only thing I can’t get is Taiwan channels (news, local programming, etc). Is anyone interested in a Slingbox swap? How it works is you setup a slingbox next to your TV (connect the power, coax, ethernet) and a remote viewer with a password can access the channels from your coax feed. I haven’t gotten the box setup yet, but if there is interest I’ll have it done this week and let you browse the channels I have.



I set up a SlingBox at our house in Taipei during my last visit around the 2008 Double Ten celebrations. With the help of my cousin-in-law after getting the correct router setup (since I am illiterate in Chinese), my father has been watching and enjoying Taiwanese TV here in New Orleans since February 2009. He is enjoying it so much that we have cancelled our pricey Cable TV subscription that we were not watching and saving almost $100 a month. I have also installed a SlingCatcher here to make it much easier for him to tune in to the Taiwanese channels directly to the 25" Sony TV in the living room since he is computer illiterate. I wish that I had bought more SlingCatchers since they are now discontinued and are currently selling on eBay for almost 3 times the amount new in box! I would have made a nice profit reselling them!



Well we get DISH HD ( USA ) here on satellite and I already have comcast and cox cable and other US packages. US TV has so many adverts you can’t watch much actual programming anyways. I’d rather wath the Pentagon Channel.

The only good content is NASCAR as there are so many deliberate crashes on the last laps.

Also slingboxes can’t even do basic things like record as you watch. Slincatchers were a lemon product thats why slingmedia dropped it. You get a better picture from a pc to TV than from a sling catcher.



Yes, SlingCatcher has its faults, especially that it can’t stream web video such as YouTube, Hulu or Netflix without connecting a PC and running the SlingProjector feature. Also, it won’t recognize external hard drives that is formatted NTFS, only the outdated FAT32. I was hoping that Sling Media would address these issues for the next SlingCatcher.



There is no next slingcatcher from sling media



Are you still interested in a swap? I have one set up in Taiwan and really like to swap it to watch US sports (NFL, NCAAF, NCAAB, MLB etc.)? Let me know if your offer is still valid. Thank you!!!



I live in Taiwan and interested in watching US tv channels. Can anyone help? I am willing to pay. Thank you.




You still interested in a swap? I currently live in CA and subscribe to Directv.




his can I ask how do you setup the sling box in Taiwan last year I brought the M2 but I can’t setup because I can’t find the remote control, please can you send me any help.



which remote?
your TV remote or slingbox?



Hi is the control remote where i can’t find it in the menu