Anyone interested in a small group class?

I’m looking for people in the Taipei area interested in joining a morning class, three days a week. I know some good Chinese teachers, but it’s been hard finding other foreigners interested in learning Chinese who aren’t beginners or super advanced. E-mail me if you’re interested.

Hi Andy0,

Can you give some specs on what you had in mind?

Time? Location? Level of Chinese? Frequency? Cost?

I’m also looking for a chinese class but my schedule is a bit weird. I can only do classes SUPER early (7am) or after normal business hours (after 6pm).

I just went to Mandarin Daily News this weekend to pick up some books. They’re selection isn’t too bad and at least they have something other than the Shi Da books!

Details please!

Yeah, that was on purpose. I want to keep it flexible to see if I can get as many people to reply as possible. 7 AM is pretty early tho. I live out in Tam Shui, but I’d be willing to travel into town if it’s more convenient for others. 9:30 AM is probably the earliest I would like to do it, but we can discuss times. We could do it at someone’s house or at the school. I actually have access to some classrooms (not a Chinese language school), but like I said I’m pretty far.


"Mind giving some specs on what you had in mind?

Time? Location? Level of Chinese? Flequency? Cost?"

Oh yeah, I would like to do it three times a week in the mornings and my level is…“intermediate beginner.” (?) I studied every day for like eight months, my writing sucks, my reading - SO SO, spoken - little better. I finished Book 1 and got through a little of Book 2 before throwing that piece of crap IN THE TRASH!

Why don’t they make a Side By Side Chinese - does anyone else see a money making scheme here?

Actutally theres more chinese learning material in Mainland China but its all simplified, thats the only catch.

I might be interetsed…I would say my spoken is ok. My written=0 and my reading about 0… I did learn some characters long ago, but they were simplified…

Are you thinking one hour classes? How about a lunch time class instead or do you work in DanShui?

for the love of god, i never. learned. how. to. read!

[me falling on my knees and bawling in a small dark corner of my room]

i might be interested if the time, location and price is right.

Actually I work in Bei Tou, so if you wanted to do it a little further into the city it would be okay with me (preferably on the green line, that would be nice) - is Bei Tou too far for you?

I work from 2:30 on, so a lunch time class could work for me, but a little earlier would be better - like ten or so, three days a week.

I wouldn’t mind learning some more characters, but not from that cursed Shi Da Book. Let’s get creative.

From what I gather, everyone who has replied to this post is pretty much in the same boat I am. Sounds good. So let’s do it. I’ll get in touch with some teachers this weekend and try to work something out. As I recall, the price for a one on one was like 300 an hour - group classes probably not that much more.

Anyone else?

Can we have class and brunch/lunch/tea/dinner afterwards?? I’m always hungry after class and with all the new stuff buzzing in my head I like to drown out the noise a little.

Just a thought :smiley:

Okay, I’ll bring ginger snaps.

Ohhh alright ginger snaps it is …

cookies and tea at the kitchen table