Anyone involved in WATER DEVELOPMENT (or know anyone)?

Anyone know of anyone involved WATER DEVELOPMENT? Or anywhere I can go to find people doing water development?

My wife and I are in Yonghe until Jan 07. We’re working with a start-up English institute while finishing our last few graduate courses online (M.A. Intercultural Studies). I’m taking an online grad course in Water Development (particular emphases are appropriate technology and the relationship between water quality and community development). I would love to get in touch with anyone connected to the water development scene in Taiwan, and if not there, then the Mainland. I’m trying to find out what’s being done, ask some general questions, and get steered toward learning resources.

In addition to that, if anyone could help me get access to these texts, I’d sure appreciate it!

  • Ken Darrow and Rick Pam, Appropriate Technology Sourcebook, Volume I (Stanford, CA, 1981).
  • Ken Darrow, Kent Keller and Rick Pam, Appropriate Technology Sourcebook, Volume II (Stanford, CA, 1981).
  • Gus Tillman, Environmentally Sound Small-Scale Water Projects: Guidelines for Planning (A CODEL*VITA Publication, New York, NY 1981).
  • More Water for Arid Lands : Promising Technologies and Research Opportunities, Report of an Ad Hoc Panel of the Advisory Committee on Technology Innovation, Commission on International Relations, National Academy of Sciences (Washington, D.C. 1974).
  • Peter Morgan, Rural Water Supplies and Sanitation (Blair Research Laboratory, Ministry of Health, Zimbabwe, 1990, Macmillan Education, Ltd., London).
  • Environmental Health Technician Handbook (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Working Draft, 1981 Ed).

Although I don’t know much bout the topic, I’ll try to get you some good links (it’s my only tallent):

thanks, that first one has some stuff I’ll need for my research this week.

Ideally I’m hoping to find some sort of NGO or FBO that I can drop in on and see what they’re doing. Or at least ask some questions about their target area and their strategy.

Do you live in Taipei?

We’ve been here about two and half weeks in Yonghe.

I hope you find something in this link that brings you closer to the pewople you need to talk to: … =clnk&cd=5

my father in law is on the water bureau board out near taoyuan. he does heaps of work in local community education and development in general.

hows your mandarin?

my Mandarin is almost non-existant… just enough tripping over my tongue to let people know I’m trying.

What kind of development and local education activities is he involved in?

his work involves educating local farmers in terms of intelligent and sustainable water use as well as listening to their needs in terms of matching demand with supply.

he travels internationally a lot investigating other developing countries water programs.

I am looking for someone who can identify a specific poor community with an inadequate water supply and provide information regarding the linguistic, cultural, and political challenges that would be involved in trying to develop an adequate water supply with that community.

If your father-in-law was the one to provide the info, I’d be using that info as data for a case study that I would have to analyze in various ways, including addressing issues surrounding appropriate technology, ownership, and sustainability.

Do you think it would be a good idea for me to contact him?