Anyone is Coming for A Hong Kong VISA Run?

Will do it this weekend (Friday, right after my 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. class at Shi Da or Sat), ! And will be back on Mon, or Tuesday, with the new VISA.

Will be staying at:

has any of you stayed there?

e-mail me if you are coming, :)!

Thank you :),


Why do you keep announcing visa runs to okinawa, hong kong, indonesia, or wherever and asking if anybody is coming with you?

This is strange :loco:

I’ve just floundered Vidya’s posts asking if people were interested in joining the “Great Undecided One” on visa runs to Okinawa and Indonesia.

Vidya, once you changed your plans you should have updated your posts to say that you were no longer looking for travelling companions for those destinations.

plz post if U see anyone famous while there, like Andy Lau or Sammy Cheung, SAMMYYY!!