Anyone join a foreign (English) Library to read ebooks?

Then tell me where. The libraries I found want a heavy charge of more than 100 US dollars per year (Out of state/ country membership. Most libraries in the states are funded by local property taxes. So as long as you are resident with a legal address, renter, owner, student of a local college, you can join for free)
Getting the card is the hard part. Getting access to the books is easiest.

I think we are saying the same thing.

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Kids 12 and under don’t need to be NY residents to get a digital card.

Digital Library Cards for Kids

Patrons 12 and under can apply for a digital library card with a parent or guardian through our free e-reader app SimplyE. Note: These accounts cannot be restricted to only children’s materials. Learn more about how to download and get started with SimplyE for iOS and SimplyE for Android.


I’m afraid that ship sailed three years ago. A pity. I have quite a few children and could have had quite a few years of library use.

So, someone please give us some viable choices. I’m willing to pay around fifty us dollars per year. Maybe 100 but I’d really have to sell that idea to the family money manager.

What’s with the Taipei Library? Do they lease their overdrive books or buy them. I’ve noticed some titles I used to visit go missing.

Has anyone used their system to request them to buy a book? Have you been successful.
It seems the request forms are not part of the English system.


Ah, until April 8 (23:59 EST). I was not careful.

Don’t you have any niece or nephew 12 or under who wants to read the e-books? You can download the app anyway. You are asked your age. I don’t know what will happen if you choose an age older than 12, though.

That ship has sailed too. We were the youngest family in our extended family group. My kids grew up on hand-me-downs :slight_smile:
So your saying, no proof needed.
Could I very well choose a student, a family friend or make up a name and there will be no problem?

Thank you for the other ideas. I love audible. The damn company is hard to quit as they always give you incentives to stay.
I’ll try the free collection but, honestly,. I’m leary of free curated collections for fear that they will have some kind of agenda behind them.

Anyway join a traditional library and paid for membership?

No proof. You could get the digital card for a minor as a guardian. I wasn’t asked anything. When you use the app, you are asked your age.

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Teachers with a school email account ending in .edu or get free access to epic books

and Reading IQ for teachers

Both have extensive online libraries of books to read, audio books, and audio visual books.

Pro tip:
Most schools here give kids a school email address ending in which means both sites are free even you are not a teacher.

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If you have a VPN…even a free one, set it to Canada. You can then sign up to the entire ABCMouse learning suite for free using a .edu or email.

Once signed up, no need for the VPN anymore. It works without it.

(you won’t be able to see the sign up page for abcmouse without the vpn)

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That’s cool. I’ll do that later for my niece.

Do you need to redeem a code or sign up as usual with a credit card?



I used a Canadian IP, but all I saw was the normal 1 month free sign up page.

I did that and checked out with PayPal.

How do I get it free every month?

Which service? ABCmouse?

Step 1.
Use a VPN and set it to Canada

Step 2.
Go to

it will look like this:

Step 3.
Click on Get Started and use a email to register

Not using a VPN will send you to a bland yellow login page. It won’t work. You have to use a VPN set to Canada.

Thanks. I’ll get another email and do that one.

I’ll try with the email I set up the normal account with and see what happens.

They ask for school administrators name and email and a bunch of stuff to verify. Did you just fill in a bunch of nonsense?

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I used epic all the time when I was teaching online. It’s very useful. You can log in and share your screen and also have each student log in with a class code and follow along on their own screen. You can also assign students a book for solo reading time.

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New York was offering membership to their libraries for ereaders that are not from New York.

Maybe they still are? Something to look into.

Taiwan libraries are available but not a huge selection of books in English except for kids.