Anyone know about numerology groups locally? Are they a cult?

My wife had a group come into work. They gave a lot of info about numerology. She started telling me about it and I got scared. Personality tests… This all sounds like scientology.
Am I overreacting?


Numerology, lucky number, etc. type activities are common in Taiwan even at some temples. Google search Taiwan numerology and can find many.

Personality tests is a step more. Sounds like this one might be cult-ish as defined by western standards.

My experience is limited having visited a few Taiwan fortune tellers with friends to get info about myself. Just fun for me not serious.

They may be seeking money and it’s just like a business for some.

Do you have a name or card or copy of their flyer?

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They gave a full booklet. It has famous people and what they score for personalities, etc.
My wife insists they didn’t ask for money but I’m take cautious about this stuff. I will try to share it later

“Cult” is so 1985. They are all now alternate religions or Paganism or Wicca, etc., etc. etc.

It’s just a cult if they have the right leadership. Everything else is just a (quasi-)religious belief system.

FWIW, tracking previous numerical patterns to try to pin down upcoming lottery numbers is something of a national pasttime. You’ll see related booklets for sale at newsstands if you look. People seem to put some stock in the meaning of numbers here.

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A lot of shops will also provide a chart with all previous winning lottery numbers. The idea is they analyze the number and try to find a pattern to it. It’s foolish because the numbers are completely random, the balls used in the drawing has very tight weight specifications to make sure no side of the ball will be heavier than another side (as dice tends to do). But it feels good to try to predict the next winning number.


Right, this one seemed way more specific. They came to her work and gave a free presentation. My wife keeps insisting it’s just for fun and she’d never give money.

She was asked to fill out this large character and fill it with numbers. This seems to be a template. They diagnosed her personality type, gave the associated number, then told her the characteristics. The book is full of famous people and how their template looks with numbers. Ex. Bill Gates is this personality type…It seems they also mentioned some things she can fix some parts of her personality.

When I mentioned this group was looking for money she mentioned that I’m personality type — whatever and that’s why I wouldn’t understand.

This is the part that really scares me. It sounds just like scientology.

Anyways, we discussed it early. She thinks I’m overreacting…I said she shouldn’t be associated with those people because it’s only a matter of time till they start asking for money.

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My wife listens to just about any spiel that comes along, but I sleep easy because I know her innate frugality will always win out in the end :slight_smile:


Omg that’s exactly what she said to me.

Thanks, I appreciate it.

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