Anyone know about this place in Taipei

Hey All,

I searched but didn’t see any comments on this place. Anyone know if it’s as good as it looks?

Please let me know. We will go see it for ourselves this weekend but if you know anything please post it or IM me.

Did you go to see this place? Would love to hear feedback. Is it as nice as it looks online?

Oh my goodness! This is too good to be true. And if it is true, how on earth did they get the start-up money to set this place up. I might have to take Isalu and Mariposa there to check it out.

We visited it last weekend. Wow, so many dogs. They do a pretty good job of taking care of them. On the weekends there’s a little cafe where you can grab a bit while you let your dog run around and play with others. They also have webcams in the rooms and play area so you can watch your Furkid while you are away, not a bad set up.

that’s wicked! I’m soo taking Sambuka for a swim!

Did you see their thing on adopting out animals, maybe they could link up with animals Taiwan and help display some of the dogs ready for adoption.