Anyone know an English speaking podiatrist?

Hey Everyone:

I lost my orthopedic insoles, and need some new ones.

Does anyone know any good podiatrists (that’s a foot-doctor to us laymen) in Taipei.

I live in Young-Ho, so the Shi-Da or Young-Ho side of town would be prefered.

Thanks much.

That is not a popular specialty here. From what I’ve been told, the only podiatrist in a Taipei area hospital is at Veterans General near ShiPai. I don’t know her name, though.

[quote=“tristach”]Hey Everyone:

I lost my orthopedic insoles, and need some new ones.

Does anyone know any good podiatrists (that’s a foot-doctor to us laymen) in Taipei.

I live in Yonghe, so the Shi-Da or Yonghe side of town would be preferred.

Thanks much.[/quote]
Orthopedic insoles are one of Dr. Mark’s specialties.

Here’s his info:

[quote]Dr. Mark W. Griffin DC (USA):

Chiropractic Care
Deep Muscle Tissue Therapy
Sport Injuries
Custom-made foot orthotics
By Appointment Only, Please!

Zhongxiao East Road, Sec. 4
No. 250, 11F-5
Taipei, Taiwan

Tel: (02) 8771-3516[/quote]

Tell him Forumosa sent you. :wink:

Surely the word is Chiropodist? You guys just make words up don’t you?

So does someone actually know a podiatrist?

Says woman in need…

Please can you count me in on this search and let me know if you find one?

I’m in need of what we in the UK would call a chiropodist - or whoever it is here who can freeze off a verruca. I’ve been applying the stuff from the bottle (salycylic acid or something) that I bought from Watson’s for months now, but it’s getting worse!


I got a pair of custom insoles from Dr. Mark. He takes a mold of your feet and they are ready in a couple of weeks. Getting the mold is maybe a 30 minute process. The office is also across from the new Alleycats branch.

Can I ask how much you paid for the whole thing?

Can I ask how much you paid for the whole thing?[/quote]
Pay whatever you like, Iris, there’s not a pair of insoles made that are going to alleviate the SMELL of you. No way, Hose.

The cost was NTD 10,000. Supposedly they will last for up to 7 years or so.

This is the sports shoe insole, you can see a picture here:

The white is a dense foam, the gray is a plastic, and the blue is a standard foam you would find in a shoe insole.

These are supposed to last for several years, but I don’t think that counts the blue foam which must be able to be replaced.

There is a dress shoe insole which I beleive uses leather instead of foam.

Yeah, I ask cos I’m on my second set (first set bought in Scotland, second in Spain). It’s about time for a new pair. NT$10,000 seems a bit steep, but I guess it’s more or less in line with inflation. What are the insoles made of? I mean are they solid plastic or some sort of flexible rubber?

Best thing I ever bought, btw. The rest of my family ended up getting knee operations (Mother, brother and sister) cos they didn’t know about this alternative. Their knees are all fecked now.

FML. I just broke my big toe playing basketball. Please somebody advise me where to go? It hurts.

Couple of years back I wanted to find a chiropodist as I sometimes need to wear insoles, I went to the hospital just next to zhong-xiao dong-lu asking for a chiropodist or podiatrist, they didn’t have any and I got sent on a wild goose chase ans was seen by three different doctors, a G.P, a physio and another who all clearly didn’t have a clue what they were doing. In the end I just got my insoles posted to me.

It’s really strange that Taiwan has so few people working in this area, you would have thought it would be the other way around, what with all those who get out of military service because of flat feet or week ankles etc.

ok, I’ve searched forumosa and seen this thread and another, but the question remains, do you know a podiatrist here in Taipei? Im hoping that during the last post and this one, someone might have gotten to know an english speaking podiatrist? Thanks!

Count me in on this search too. I don’t mind going to Taipei, but it would have to be on a weekend. I have severe pain in my feet when I stand and need a cortisone shot, which apparently only podiatrists have for feet.

For an orthopedic insoles, you can find them at rehabilitation clinics. As for a cortisone shot in the feet, orthopedists and rheumatologists can do this. But if a definite podiatrist is needed, you’d better go to a medical center and ask the information desk if any orthopedist is specialized in foot problem.

Thanks for your help.

Hey I have had a problem with the heel, and the whole outside of my right foot for a long time, maybe over 1 year. I have been to lots of different doctors and hospitals and have been told it is a hairline fracture, tendinitis, gout! The problem is it just doesnt go away. Someone god please help me, and recommend me a good place to go where there is a foot specialist.

The problems started occurring when I increased my sports to try and lose weight.

I would like one that is covered by national health insurance if it is possible.

Hello @Shearersheed, I hope at this time (9 years past) you have found a solution for your heel pain.
At the moment I’m feeling much like you lost, although my heel pain has only been annoyingly hurting me for the last 3 months.
Did you find a specialist that figured out what was wrong with your heel?

Any help would be deeply appreciated.

I’m here in 2023 just finding this thread and it’s been around since 2006!

I’m sitting next to my wife asking about finding a podiatrist. Like mentioned many times before in this thread, she says nobody specializes in that. Unbelievable. Are we supposed to get foot messages at temples and pray that will work? Frustrating, considering half my students are preparing to be doctors.

She says they go to a bone specialist. I’ve got a tendon problem. Apparently, anything related to bones will be covered, such as muscles and tendons. My toes don’t sit on the floor but lift upward. Not far upward of course. Just off the floor. The muscles on the top of my feet have contracted and on the bottom expanded.

I try stretching and it helps temporarily. Another thing I did is order some toe forms via Amazon.

Am going to see a “bone” doctor this week. Sounds gory lol!