Anyone know anything about Kids' Village in Hsinchu?

They have offered me a job, I am due to go in tomorrow and sign the contract.

All seems okay with them. Very friendly, seemed like a decent school and offered me lots of help with arranging apartments, getting ARC etc. Although there is a very high fine for “breach of contract” that I am a bit worried about and need to clarify what exactly consists as a breach of contract.

Anyway, has anybody had any experience working for them?

No, but if you get enough evidence against them, and then get them to admit that they will take the fine out of your paycheck whenever you decide to leave, you can take your case to the CLA (Council of Labor Affairs) and get them in trouble, sue them for damages, and hand any extra evidence that you get of their legal violations to them for some extra lulz.

Everyone’s smiles upon a first few meetings here, but that could mean that they’re going to hand you a shit sandwich (their contract, most likely). Why don’t you tell us all of the juicy ingredients and street address where it was acquired?

Will you be teaching kindergarten classes illegally during your time at Kids’ Village?