Anyone Know of a School With More Chilled Methods

My colleague is looking to take her kids out of their current (elementary) cram school complaining that they give the kids too much pressure - homework, memorizing scores of vocab items, tests and so on. I used to teach so I know exactly what she is talking about. I also know that most parents would complain if it wasn’t like that.

She’s cool, so I want to help her out. Does anyone here work for, or know of a school with a different kind of approach to learning English?

I currently work at a school like that…all the kids do is memorise and memorise and recite useless paragraphs. And the moment they are done they get some random article and they have to line up to recite it…so there goes their breaktime…


That is why I think it might be hard to find what she is seeking. However, I used to tutor these three kids back in my teaching days, and all I would do is take them places such as parks, museums, etc during the weekly 3 hour class. It was great, the kids loved it, the parents, and I as well. She might consider something like that. The parents said, and I agree as well, that the kids benefited from this much more than they did during their previous 4 day/week cram school session.