Anyone know of good teeth whitening in Taiwan?

And how much does it cost?

Yeah. Just mix 1:1 baking soda : coconut oil , works great and cheap. Don’t believe me, google it.

Does it get results as good as laser Zoom?

Thanks for the advice, will try it.

Have you tried it? :slight_smile: is yes how was it

Although my teeth weren’t that bad, I tried the baking soda thing for around 6 months. Did not work.
In 2013, I had laser whitening in Thailand for 8000NT. I felt the result was good but not great. It felt like they rushed it a little. That also included a teeth whitening kit.
I felt that kit made no difference.
In Taiwan I was quoted by a good dentist 18,000 for the whitening kit, where you use the gel for 2 weeks for results.

The whitening strips at Costco worked great for my daughter. She used the strips way less than recommended even to make them last longer and also she was worried about damage if she used them too much/often. Anyway, they really worked well and her teeth are white when they had a definite yellow tint previously. I think it was just the Crest brand, but not sure.

What’s wrong with having yellow teeth? I mean, who wants to look like a Hollywood douche bag or a politician anyway?

Not yet bro, moving to a new apartment next week, trying to buy less things as possible lately. Will try when we settle next month :ok_hand:

This works, ask Ross!