Anyone know of

I would like to find a university course where I could study mainland business practices including law,finance etc . I would prefer to study at MBA or EMBA level in Taiwan. As my mandarin is very basic the course would need to taught in English.

Does such a course exist in Taiwan?

Thanks in advance.
…and this little piggy went “wee-wee” all the way home:)

:laughing: :laughing: First of all it is kind of strange to be asking about MBAs in this forum (Chinese Language learning) and secondly those who are really interested in China Business should be in China! Taiwanese businessmen only recently got their formal go-ahead to invest in China with minimal restrictions. It is unlikely that they ( Taiwan/NTU etc…) would have an MBA course on China Trade.

That would be a bit going against the grain of Chan Shui Bian’s stay independent philosophy. Unlike HK, Taiwan is not suppose to be a channel or in any way a facilitator for the world to trade with China. :laughing::lol::lol:

Anyway… MBAs or Master degrees in Business with China Business themes/exposures are increasingly common in China’s coastal cities. The place to do them of course would be in China and not from Taiwan. The language of study can be English or with Chinese (Mandarin/Putonghua). There are 100% English courses

If you believe in “rankings” and getting into the “top” MBA in this region, than the place to do it must be either :
a) the Chinese University of Hong Kong (according to Business Week)or
b) the HK University of Science and Technology.
(my and SCMP surveyed opinion)

Both universities, but the latter in particular is more American in style than say the other major university(ies) in Hong Kong such as the HK University, HK Polytechnic Univ. etc The Lecturers for HKUST also come from places like Kellogg etc…

Their MBA courses are held simultaneously in different locations round the year eg. Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing etc…You can join different classes based on your preferred location. Most of the courses are designed primarily for students or businessmen from the mainland (if the location is in China) but still conducted primarily in English. They can also benefit executives who have located into China and are working there and cannot come back to Hong Kong regularly.
Prices are also significantly cheaper than those run entirely in Hong Kong. Those run in Hong Kong would be similar to the more reputable US business school prices esp the EMBA. So if you look at it that way, it would be a good deal to just hop across the border to catch the same lectures by the same distinguished lecturers in Shenzhen, (assuming you are say a HK resident).

I personally think the local language (Putonghua) is essential for most junior executive positions in China even if you are not of Chinese origin. Exception 1: Unless you are “shipped” into China as a senior executive else lack of the local language will always be a major handicap. There are already too many people WITH the requisite language skills and MBA degree looking for expat terms that the expat terms themselves are getting harder and harder to nail down. Exception 2: The only other possibility is if you possess skills which are so unusual or rare like designing 0.13 micron wafer chips, worked for Intel or TSMC etc , a technology which China would love to acquire from Taiwan, but TSMC has invested in Singapore instead to prevent political problems for now, then it is a different story.

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Thanks for the time taken to reply - it is much appreciated.

I have done a bit of research into the courses in HK but was thinking of doing an MBA/EMBA in Taiwan rather than HK in order to develop my mandarin skills.

From your info I’ll check ot the courses in China.

Once again thanks for your help.

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