Anyone know this old character?

does anyone know the pronunciation and definition of this old character?

what you want is this 赺.
sorry, i wish i had brought all of my dictionnaries with me… :cry:

Hope this helps a little… it says its a derivative of another character.

Dear twothink02,

赺 yin3

i got the default

I’m no expert, but you might be having the same problem I used to. When characters end up garbled on screen, the first thing I do is go to the 檢視 View? (3rd pulldown menu) then 編碼 Font code/encoding? (8th item - sorry, I don’t have English menus). Then I try different encodings. In this case I see them in Big5. Perhaps someone else can give a better answer.

BTW, if you run across a lot of characters not in your dicts, you might pick up a 漢語大字典 H

I can see them fine too in English IE in English XP by going to View->Encoding->Chinese Traditional (Big5)

yeah i know about the encoding thing, but still can’t get those two characters. i’m running english windows 2000 platform with the traditional chinese language installed. i guess maybe my computer just doesn’t have those characters and doesn’t know how to decode them. oh well. maybe there’s an update somewhere…