Anyone listening to C-pop?

Does anyone listen to Chinese pop? I ::cough:: only do it ironically of course… :beatnik:

But for about the last three years I haven’t really been following. Any good newcomers (relatively speaking, that is)? :whistle:

Ah, I was wondering when Taoyuan would finally break the man down.

Do you like to torture yourself?

BTW, its Mando-pop or Canto-pop, C-Pop sounds like a shit drink you could only find at a Taiwan 7-Eleven.

Good input guys. :smiley:

I’ve been listening to Chinese pop for years, at first as a way to study Chinese, and then it started growing on me. Say what you will but there ARE some good songs, though just like any other genre/music industry, you have to sort through the garbage to find the burried treasure.

I despise pop, as I do the roll.
Need a little bit of a rock in me path.
So, this song has been going through my head lately.