Anyone live in US and have a tv tuner card?

I’m an American living in Taiwan, and there are some shows I really miss from home. If there is anyone interested in recording some programs and putting them on a computer to share, I have lots to offer on my computer. This would especially be good for someone learning Chinese, or interested in Chinese language movies or shows. I’m able to record anything and can give a full schedule on what’s on here. Let me know…please e-mail me: if you’re interested thanks!

How would I do this? I’m in the US

do you have a tv tuner card for your computer? if you do, Id be happy to record whatever shows you may want from here in Taiwan, cause there are a few shows in the US that I cant find on-line and Id like to have, as well as some sporting events. But first you have to let me know if you have a tuner card, and if you’re interested in programs here. Let me know… thanks