Anyone lived in Malaysia before?

I’m considering moving to Malaysia to finish my degree. The gf and I have been struggling to find a middle ground where we can both be together and her go to school. I think I will finish my BA although it’s frustrating as I’ve been working for a long time but I run into many visa problems without one even with help with connections getting a job.

How’s life in Malaysia? Any advice?

Contact Maoman.
AFAIK he currently lives there

I think you may be mistaken.

Maybe confusing Maoman with Mucha Man? The latter moved to Malaysia a while back, but I haven’t seen him online here in a long while.

@Immersion is from Malaysia?

Did you already get accepted into your program?

Not yet

I don’t understand why Malaysia is a “middle ground.” Is your gf Malaysian?

Anyway, I’ve never been there, but my wife has and says the food is good and people are friendly. I definitely would wait until I’ve been accepted into a program before making preparations to move though.

I realize that even when companies wanted to hire me, visa problems came up because I didn’t finish my BA was one of it. She willing to fork over pretty much all living expenses knowing I would have to leave Taiwan and not have a income for a while so. It’s also a school she wanted to go. There’s a lot of reasons but it doesn’t matter because it seems that’s where we are going. 3 places I can work very easily and have offers, Taiwan, China/HK, and I can go back to Us if I wanted but she doesn’t want that. And I want her to get her degree.

I know of someone who lives in Kuala Lumpur.
Says many rental apartments there have their own gyms and swimming pools.
He likes it a lot.
Don’t know about job situation for you, though.

What departmental degree can be had in Malaysia?
Don’t you have Taiwan residency? (What is your visa problem? You’ve already done military duty, right?)

Do you know anyone in Malaysia at all, because if not, you’ll be relying on yourself to get all things done. Won’t be easy for the first year.

Not visa problems in my countries of citizenship. Every other place in the world. I won’t be working in Malaysia. Student visa studying.

ahhh… It first read like you had visa problems in Taiwan.
So, you are worried about visa problems in Malaysia?
Yeah, you’d probably have to go in there on student visa and then see if a firm can hire you, but then the circle may go back to the issue of no degree yet.

So, will you try and finish your degree there too?

Appears like a lot of hoops will have to be jumped through to get to Malaysia for both of you.

No. I’m worried about visa problems in every country that pretty much requires me to have a degree to get a working visa. I don’t know if I want to work in Malaysia. I’m just studying. No work.

How many years left you need to complete the degree?

Ok. Just to clear things up. I left my last semester of my senior year due to a major car accident and came back to Taiwan. I didn’t go back and finished and started working.

My Gf is a Italian national, me ROC and US. So the places we can both work has to take some work. It makes it harder when I don’t have a degree to get a visa for work in any place besides my country of citizenship. I can get very high paying jobs from connections but the problem of my degree is blocking me. So since my gf is going to go to college anyways I feel like I might as well finish my BA as well and be with her.

Technically a semester if I went back To my old school in VIrginia. But It’s not something that I’m considering. So no advice needed to say go back there, it’s a complex issue and let’s just leave it at that.

How long depends on the school and how many credits they will accept. But min of 2.

On a side note, interestingly you would be doing the reverse of what is happening now in Taiwan in a big way, which is many many Southeast Asian students are coming to Taiwan for bachelor, masters, and PhD degrees, filling up the empty desks in universities due to Taiwan’s low birth rate.
Well, 2 years to get yours are okay, and you both can be together, though it sounds like she needs 4 years to do hers.

We have help getting in.

I’ll be taking some time of in Tuscany soon in spring and just enjoying the country side before I go. She doesn’t want to be in Taiwan and to be honest job prospects here suck. Low paying wages even 100k is not high enough for my future staying here pass my 30s with a family. It’s good for Taiwan and gives you a great life here but because we have such an international background, spending power is important for us internationally. So the BA is the key to get some really nice jobs around the world.

And you think the job prospect in Malaysia would be better? Malaysia’s starting salary is something like 2,000 RM, aka 15,000 TWD. FYI, Taiwan is one of their leading destinations for emigration and education. 1/3 of foreign students in Taiwanese unis are Malaysians. That place is bleak af.

It ain’t Singapore.

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Isn’t ur statement a bit anachronistic? Many Chinese Malaysia consider Taiwan as a better place to study/work. (Provided they could get a job here) I knew some people who would give an arm and a leg to get a proper job here (after college/gradschool and not -forced- going back home).
One reason is salary, another reason is not PC to say out loud.
For the Malay/Indian Malaysian, typically Singapore is an option.

Taiwan has a lot of scholarships for foreigners. A place in prestigious uni rather easy to get for a waiguoren compared to a Taiwanese…
Malaysia has a program for old folks that would retire could be a Malaysian PR and own a piece of land. But I guess this is not your cup of tea.
For working, Knowing Malay is essential, as usually a company would be made of cooperation between at least a Malay Malaysian on the top level.