Anyone Living in Dulan on Here?

I just googled LP Taiwan Dulan and this is what their website has to say as of now (which I think is still over-hyped even though R. Kelly is no longer writing for LP Taiwan):

“This funky little village (都蘭; Dūlán) is the best spot along the east coast to base yourself for an extended stay. There’s good food, a range of accommodation, and a boatload of interesting characters.”

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Most of them died already or moved on, except for some local interesting characters.

They got this part fairly correct. The rest is mostly exaggeration.

“Dulan is in essence a couple of blocks on either side of Hwy 11, and a few backstreets winding into the hills.”

It looks like a standard East Coast beach town to me. However, I know the guy who wrote this blog and he’s pretty sound about places to visit.

I’ll give Dulan a crack sometime.

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There are no stoplights, the most popular place is 7-Eleven, most good places are closed Sunday through Thursday or maybe just don’t open on the weekend either if they don’t feel like it, visit on a Saturday and night or you may experience anything except 7-Eleven.

There is quite a bit of info on the forum from me and others.

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Pretty much this.

Donghe and north on the 11 are some of the most beautiful places on earth.


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Yes, Robert Kelly also seemed to be pretty sound about places to visit, with the exception of Dulan. Its just strange how this place snares a few people in to become totally besotted with it while for others who have spent time there (including myself), its totally underwhelming.

I have fond memories of the area around Dulan , from a decade ago . Spent a few months nearby . Scenery was awesome . Bugs and mosquitoes… not so much :pensive:


I wanna check out the Dulan Crap Restaurant!

I was JUST showing that to my gf like 20 min ago. After seeing this thread, popped onto google maps to check out donghe and was like ‘wtf is dulan crap?’

It’s good food by a French gentleman and his local wife. Good luck catching them open which is only weekends and only if they feel like it.

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Story of my life in Taiwan!

Exactly. Both times I went by Dulan Crap while I was in the area, and both times they were closed although it was a weekend during prime dinner hour. Such is the laid back surfer town life, I guess.

I think they need to make sure they will have someone coming, obtain the ingredients, not be wasteful. I would guess there’s not many who just show up there wanting to eat. If you make a reservation, you’ll be able to eat there. This is just my assumption though. It’s really good, my two times eating there rivaled anything I’ve had in Taipei.

Also, this pizza place is pretty great. I’ve been when it was owned by an Italian guy and also recently since it’s been taken over by one of his employees. They’ve kept everything the same, quality ingredients, thin-ish crispy crust. Last time we were on a bike trip and walked over from town. It started pouring during our meal and the owner drove us back after we finished. Really sweet couple.

都蘭義大利披薩 Dulan A Mano Pizza
Dulan 459, Donghe Township, Taitung County, 959
0910 437 655

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Go here instead behind Crap also good food and includes a beautiful view of the ocean from a cliff and sunset.

都蘭海角咖啡 Dulan Cape Café
959, Taitung County, Donghe Township, 舊部路47鄰10-14號
0903 262 923

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Good food.

都蘭・海泱廚房 Cookie’s Kitchen
No. 445-5號, 43鄰, Donghe Township, Taitung County, 959
0975 238 065

You see, Dulan is not THAT bad!

I found this tiny café by accident while driving in the area last March, south of Dulan:

星浪.新蘭海景咖啡 The Treasure Bay Seaview cafe

Very friendly proprietors; they gave me a free dessert when they found it was my birthday that day.

They also told me about a “secret” place to go hiking, which turned out to have awesome views of the area. It’s not really secret, but I didn’t know about it before:
都蘭山登山步道 Dulan Mountain Trail