Anyone need a substitute teacher?

British, male, 29 years old.

I used to live and work in Taipei (lots of teaching experience, basic Chinese, BA (hons) English Lit) and would like to visit for a couple of weeks. Can’t really justify flying to Taiwan solely for a holiday so am looking to cover some classes for a week or two. Here’s your chance to take that much needed vacation in one of Taiwan’s top resorts like, errr

I am in a bad mood, so let me be the first to tell you that we have a special forum for you to advertise your services in.

Putting it here, and other places too, is stupid annoying spam and really pisses people off. I think you should stay at home, and leave the jobs for people who are smart enough to read the instructions.

There, I feel better now and I wasn’t even vitriolic. Thanks for providing an outlet.