Anyone need courier bags?

I am looking at buying a quantity of “large” (305mm(width) x 420mm(length) + 40mm(flap) x 50micron)) courier bags. These are the thick plastic kind you can write on with a pen and stuff quite full. I have to buy 2,000pc to make it worthwhile and just thought I would offer the chance to buy with me to those who may need them. They will cost a little less than 5TWD/pc. I hope you can buy in lots of say 100 so I don’t have to count out singles.

If you are interested, please PM or email me.

Can you post a picture?

I did have a picture, I lost the email, I am waiting for another one and can post it when I get it.

‘Courier bag’ to me sounds like a bag large enough to hold a few textbooks, with a shoulder strap. :idunno:

Ok, you can also call them polymailer, you know, those plastic bags you can also buy through ULINE in the US, or that FEDEX uses.

Do you need them?