Anyone notice food shortages?

But not enough, IMO. I wish people would grow these things instead of rice and grains. The world would be better off for it.


I’m thinking Pacific islanders could never have succeeded without them in their back pocket.
Now sweet potato and origins of such …That’s a whole new thread !

The great thing about all of these plants is that they make excellent pig food (as well as human food if you’re that way inclined). You can just turn the pigs loose in a sweet potato patch and let them root around; they’ll have enormous fun and get fat and tasty. Many Pacific Islanders hit on this particular technique independently.

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Its amazing how messed up they word things. I dont think its so much americans as much as marketing departments messing.this up. Yam literally means anything in the Dioscorea genus. This is actually very much accepted worldwide. Sweet potatoes are only the species of morning glory Ipomoea battatas. The reason they get confused isnt due to taste (extremely different), texture (extremely different), nutrition or anything else. I feel the real reason is due to growing logistics and marketing. Most all dioscorea are climbers that quite different growing environments. They are well suited to partial shade and prefer to climb up something. They are also almost all deciduous. When their plant stem stretches uoward, they create a massive succulent root underneath.

Sweet potato is mostly a sprawling.plant, a ground cover even. Their plants stems actually swell to.make a thick reservoir of nutrietns for.thebplants, as do their roots. Completely different growth form. The only thing they have in.common are they are tropical.and we eat them.

On the single open field we can probably grow double the weight in sweet potato as yam, and have half the costs associated with growing an harvesting them. On a scale on tens of thousands of tonnes, imagine what that means. Then extrapolate that to sweet potato being sweet and yummy, and yams being relatively bland and slimy.

To add to @finley posts, its not just americans that are using the wrong names, canada does as well. Most christmas/thanksgiving type meals. with that sweet orange yam are almost always actually sweet potato. Frankly, i doubt many caucasian north americans would even like real yams as they are so sticky/slimy. myself included, i hate yams. But i enjoy sweet potato now an then.


You couldn’t find a smaller picture?

Not so new, we’ve done that before!

But yes, i notice that carrots and beans and other long vegetables are all much shorter these days. They’re measuring in cm now instead of cun.

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I said cun, not cum

I think 1 cun is about 2.2 cm, or something like that. So, yes, an eleven cm carrot will not satisfy you as much as an 11 cun carrot might

Try explaining that to your ama in the vegetable market

I dunno, I’m thinking of Discworld’s Nanny Ogg and guessing the ama needs zero explanation of the concept. Rather, she’s explaining it to everyone else.

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Even an 11 cun carrot wouldn’t satisfy an ama unless it also had some width.

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I think a lot of us just tapped out of the vegetable conversation…

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That’s “girth” in at particular genre?

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I still see long beans.

Follow the water and labor availabilities

Bok choy is back.

Only problem is most stores in my area are closing earlier in the evening.

I personally find the cucumber to be the most sensuous vegetable. Not the tiny little Japanese variety either.


I like bitter melon. All those little curves and grooves!

Yeah! And you can enjoy it in Okinawa in goya chanpuru! :grin:


If you guys get vagina or butt cancer, don’t say no one ever told you.

One word: Pesticides.

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The chat has gone from a shortage to too much food to eat and trying to find other uses for the surplus vegetables.