Anyone notice increase PRC bots and activity online?

I have a lot of posts up on Quora and and they’ve been getting a lot of replies by pro PRC posters. Many claim to be none PRC nationals and saying stuff like how foreigner see Taiwan’s democracy as a joke and mess with videos of legislators fighting. Things like that and other very pro CCP propaganda and disinformation on Taiwan. Most of my post maybe had like 20 upvotes at most before recently. No huge hits.

I noticed on social media for some Taiwan news as well. Way more than usual.

It’s been happening all since the election.


Haven’t noticed this personally but wouldn’t be surprised if it were true. Maybe for each post they get 0.001 social credit or something who the hell knows.


Some of my posts are over 2-3 years old. Zero replies until now.


hard to hold back over a billion ants from an open jar of honey


The wumao are out in force after the latest Taiwan elections.

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I wrote this in June of 2018. No one replied to me before. It had maybe 20 upvotes.

It’s been like this with other posts. And on social media.

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Damn. Quora is infested with wumaos now.

“My name is Harry Bloom, I’m British. I believe that the Chinese people can live harmoniously”

Yeah. Ok harry bloom from the U.K.


This Joy Luck Club choice of wording is always a dead giveaway for Chinese-ified English.


Both Russian and Chinese bots are fairly easy to pick out because they each have their own unique, poor, fake execution of English.

The Chinese ones sound like unoriginal robots and use those straight-out-of-translate adjectives and adverbs. Russian ones almost feel like they’re winking at you, then of course they will get their verb tenses weird even if trying hard to be technically correct.

Basically if someone is pretending to be a native English speaker who isn’t, it’s usually easy to weed out even from reading a sentence or two online. There will be something obviously unnatural to it.

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Yeah I noticed it all over quora too.
.They have a massive number of fake accounts that comment on YouTube as well. Some are real regular Chinese but many are pretending to be foreigners commenting on Taiwan China matters…

.As an aside all Chinese diplomats have been told to take active stances on Twitter now as well. They are waging ’ total war ’ all over social media.

Sometimes these wumaos pretend to be Asian or Western …I guess they just choose whatever they want. You can guess that the same person replies to himself with different fake accounts/bots.

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How you going to tell once they either get english downb or just pay qesterners to post this shit? Whats the plan?

I have noticed a lot as well. Even advertiainf and shit popping up on my phine, which i am not impressed about. Going to cht after new years to file a complaint and make things official.

You don’t need to tell, just need to ignore comment sections. People already do it well with youtube.

Even if places like China are ramping it up, I think the whole bot thing is getting to a point where people are catching up to the curve. Once a kind of spam is introduced into the bloodstream, it gets figured out, and filtered out relatively quickly.

Then it’s onto the next kind, I guess? And rinse and repeat.

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Yes i hope so!

But the problem (at least the the one i am thinking of) isnt about comment sections on social media which people voluntarily choose to participate in (like these forums, i choose to be here). That is psychological warfare. Important, but easy to avoid.

I am worried more about the infiltration that goes on without consent. Such as automatic downloads, updates turning on all of a sudden and putting shit on your phone etc. Have been testing this over the last couple years. One issue i noticed is that the infiltration (not saying it is china, but it is someone…business or gov, doesnt matter much to me as it is wrong all the same…). It has stuck through my phone number, and perhaps through my google account and/or sim cards.

I have changed phones many times. Usually a good 3 to 6 phones a year as they break easy at work (my contribution to climate change, quite ashamed). The constants are my phone number, my gmail account (very likely a problem given googles ethics) and my sim Card. I have changed physical cards multiple times (phones used different size) and they copy the card onto a new card. Likely viruses and the like can get carried over.

I use CHT everytime (due to coverage in mountains) so i think 2 of the problems can be either confirmed or discredited by them fairly easily.

It gets super bad sometimes, even stretching into battery usage while opening certain pages where battery will go down a few % per minute. Turning off and on the same. Removing sim card and micro sd card usually stops it. Dont want to sound paranoid so wont say too many details until sorted out with phone company, but it is very very strange and getting much worse these i guess 6 months.

Ps. I dont download much of anything. I guess line app could be the 4th variable. But even pics i screenshot not download as i have had a few phones fry themselves after downloading pics. Asus, inhone and i think it was a myphone. Not porn, fyi. Never on a phone… Have gotten a few free phones out of the deal as well as certain phones came standard with various loggers which we found after a few weeks. When we talked to the taiwan reps and threatened sueing them due to security we got new phones (gifted away as obviously useless). I had no way to sue or interest in following through. But they were scared enough and didnt call my bluff…which doesnt exactly scream innocence…

Frankly people should just start being less stupid and not incriminate themselves. We should at the same time be fighting for more freedoms and privacy rights. The west reads a pedophile story and sells their sould to fry those perverts. While their heart is in the right place, it is worrisome people arent looking at the bigger picture. Internet security and privacy should be among the highest of priorities. Ironically those 2 things seem like an oxymoron. Above my pay grade, time for a beer.

Lucky you guys can spot a bot. In Spanish we mostly have CCP fans doing their dirty work so basically language skills are fine, sound coherent, touch the right cords…we have moved further from «they eat children in Taiwan» into «the US does the same», «the great benefits of trade with the largest economy in the world», «racist!», and other beauties.

A pal was telling me of how the Chinese have occupied key positions in all college faculties, not only related to politics or economics, but all. So every decision about budget, scholarships, tenures, etc. has to go through a Chinese person, which would not be a problem if they were not more committed to the Motherland than to the country they live in, even were born in. The kind of control CCP forces have on the diaspora is scary. How they exercise that control is appalling.

But it’s always gonna be low-level effort stuff because it’s a volume business, and that’s easy to spot and weed out too. Regardless of looking more authentic for a moment because of better language skills, they will just hit on the same short talking points.

I feel like when I see talking points from anyone without any real elaboration of thought, they lay pretty nakedly bare and are easy to auto-filter out.

I’d agree something like Chinese influence, using actual bodies on the ground to spread that influence, is of much higher concern.