Anyone notice more military planes in the sky?

I don’t know if it’s just that I wasn’t paying enough attention before, or if it’s related to the increased publicity of China’s hostility towards Taiwan, but I am noticing quite a few military planes these days, whereas before they would never catch my attention.

Things a’brewin?

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I thought the same thing a few months back when I was there last time but I think its just routine.

About a month ago was the main annual training exercise.

Some increase in recent months because of China.

Taiwan has air force planes flying and practicing every single day. If you live in Taichung or Hualien they are a very common sight. The president said that the Chinese have been continually probing Taiwan and threatening our borders. The threat is real.


Yes, there were even paratrooper training in my area.

China’s internal issues are about to boil over, and the probability of Sneezing Ping the Pooh attacking Taiwan to divert attention is elevated.

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Why would we need paratroopers for defense? Doesn’t seem practical unless we are on the offensive.

It can be useful to retake positions or islands. It can also be useful to go on the offensive to draw fighting off our islands.


I suppose island terrain would make some quick troop movements slow with enemies in certain positions.

So long as they’re in the sky its all good. Who remembers when the IDF (indigenously developed jet fighter) was crashing so often it got the nickname It Doesn’t Fly?

Taiwan is urgently investing in more missiles , anti ship in particular. The government is taking the threat very seriously, you can see they have also invested in dozens and dozens of new coastguard/navy ships with a rapid production schedule and they also bought very expensive torpedoes. Of course they bought a bunch of upgraded F16s also.
From China’s actions we can see the visible threat and I assume the Taiwan governent has information from spies and satellites that we don’t know about.
I am concerned about the threat I think it’s a real possibility in the near to medium term.


The next gen locally developed trainer is about to test fly within a couple of months.


It’s a good opportunity to practice in commercial airspace, these are areas the military seldom get to practice in.

Less civilian aircraft also make the military ones more oblivious, and the commercial airspace is also normally closer to populated areas.


This is a good point, practicality rather than conspiracy.

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Paratroopers are used for many different kind of operations. They happen to be trained to jump out of planes as well.

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This turn of events certainly further disproving the myth Republicans are good for Taiwan

I’m not following your logic.


Looks cool :sunglasses:

With the reduced pollution and civilian air traffic, military aircraft have come out of hiding and are back in the air in their natural habitat. I think it’s beautiful and shows how much we change our environment.