Anyone on Forumosa from New Zealand?

Give me the good and the bad about living/working in New Zealand.


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The good: once you get citizenship you can freely move to Australia
The bad: until you can move to Australia you have to endure hearing their accents on a daily basis

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Having a tattoo on your face is less problematic.




I am from NZ and working isn’t bad but it depends in what industry you are in (I’m in IT). Salaries are generally lower than Australia. Plenty of places to go for outdoor sports. Living costs are getting high in main centers especially Auckland where many of the jobs are. Public transit is terrible in all cities.

Why would you want to move to Australia? They don’t seem too keen on self preservation down there.

I hear low wages and high CoL
Whatever it is, 15% of them have made the journey across the Tasman!

Shit, mon, don’t tell @the_bear, he fuckin hates kiwis…

Stupid birds, can’t even fly, not even good eating.

Kiwis, what’re they actually good for? Absolutely nothing.

Except for Christian Cullen. That man’s a god.

This ad came on over the weekend

My kid says “I want to be a kiwi” (she meant the bird).
I told her don’t come runnin to me every time you need your butt wiped.

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That’s the good and the bad?

We were sitting, having a bit of a red wine appreciation night, trying to act as grown-ups

Translation: We were playing goon of fortune


A lot have come back, the wage gap is smaller

My favorite fullback of all time. And he is (was) pretty. If I weren’t a bloke …

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Blanco. Smoked a packet of Gitaines before taking the field.

Aussie here, New Zealand is a beautiful place, great for holidays (Spent a lot of my summers there as a kid) but cost of living there isn’t cheap, and salaries aren’t exactly huge (compared to Australia and its cost of living).

Many young kiwi’s move over to Australia every year to further their careers whilst most Aussies moving to NZ usually fall within the older crowd. Overall its a comfortable place to live. Mild weather and not overly crowded.

My wife and I lived in NZ for the first few years we were together. I have mixed feelings about it. I often miss the outdoors there, NZ countryside and small towns are just really excellent and we have so many incredible memories from that time… the Milford Track, Coromandel, Northland, the Waitakeres, it’s all amazing. I walked the Hillary Trail solo over a long weekend and will never forget that memory. It’s not actually terribly remote but it feels like it is, and it was just really special being out there all on my own.

But the people are definitely odd. If I had to sum it up, they pretend to not take themselves seriously, but actually, deep down they take themselves very seriously and have quite delicate egos. It can be hard to navigate interpersonal relationships. At least it was for me. Easy to make surface level acquaintances, but hard to really get to know people there.

In terms of cost of living and salaries, yes salaries are low, yes COL is high, that’s what you give up for getting access to such a beautiful country I suppose. For me, in my early 20s, it was a fine bargain. I actually saved quite a bit of money working in Auckland with my wife in uni at the time, and I didn’t make a bundle (just $38k if converted to USD). Over two years I saved $50k. But we lived like absolute paupers. Just goes to show you can save a lot if you are willing to forgo car ownership, shop at the Chinese market, and live in a loft above a strip club with 4 or 5 Italians.

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Couldn’t resist a Flight of the Conchords screenshot. Carry on.

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Just some news I saw, for the first time there are 5 million residents in New Zealand. Not sure this is good news or not! Also a bit surprising with current government tending to be less open to newcomers. (Also FYI, there was a day recently where there was ZERO arrivals from overseas, first time since the 60’s. Taiwan still does seem to still have some inbound flights each day so not sure Taiwan can match this ZERO number)

Yah, all you say here is absolutely spot on. I’m a Kiwi, so for many of the reasons you mentioned I left. If you’re in technology a decent living in Auckland is possible but you’ll be enslaved to your NZ$1 million house payments. Teachers, police officers or any other liberal arts degree means you’d queue up for government hand outs for something. There’s full-time primary school teachers doing this. Just pathetic really. Beautiful and great for kids…wish to further a career…it really depends.