Anyone play AD&D in Taipei area?

Wanna join a group if one exists in the area, 2nd or 3rd edition rules.

Drop me an email if anyone has any games with places available or if you want to start a group


Some random thoughts.

3rd edition all the way! When I’m not DMing (which is seldom), I have a halfling fighter and a halfling Cl/Sor multi-class. The rest of the gamers also have halflings (there is even a halfling monk in the group). We are a bunch of sneaky pint sized bastards who are always asking the DM when breakfast is (grin!). 3rd edition rocks as it gives you so much more freedom than previous editions. We have one room just for gaming and it is filled with goodies.

Now that you are making oogles and gobs of money here in Taiwan, I suggest you invest in some Dwarven Forge and minis. No more graph paper and "X"s and "O"s. Get an apartment with an extra bedroom and make it into your own personal dungeon.

Keep the group small and elite. If you make the group “elite” then it will cut down on flakiness (“dude, I can’t make it tonight because there is a special 3 hour ‘Amazing Race’ on”). And flakiness is a common trait of foreigners here in Taiwan. If they flake, then kick 'em out and vote on the guy/gal on your waiting list who will take his/her place. You need to find folks who will commit at least once a week, no matter what. Cell phones are off, no visitors, and show up ten minutes before kick-off time ready to roll dice. Our core group of gamers have been playing together for about 13 years now and these rules work very well. It is a great way to pass the while in Taiwan.

Good luck in finding a group to play with.

(AD&D Geek)

Thanks for your reply, I am sure I will get sorted with a group shortly…