Anyone playing Diablo 3?

Is anyone here playing Diablo 3? Since the announcement of Diablo 4 at BlizzCon, I want to play again. I’m currently running a Barbarian, Wizard and Monk and am pushing GR 100 at the moment, hoping to get to 120. If anyone is interested, please hit me up with a PM.

I’m playing diablo 2. I’ve never like diablo 3 sadly, even though I own a copy.

I love Diablo 3 personally. I just find it to be a lot of fun push GR levels. I do however miss the griminess of Diablo 2 and hoping to find the ever-elusive Zod rune. Runes were a lot of fun and I hope they make a comeback.

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Runes were fun.

You should check out the plugy mod. There’s also the Eastern sun mod and it seems like people are also playing the path of diablo mod online as well. The community is still quite alive

Also playing The Division 2 if anyone is interested.