Anyone playing live with xbox 360?

I’m about to purchase the xbox 360 arcade pack (5 mini games+256mb) and I’d like to know if it’s worth it and also where can I get a chip? and finally can I play live if the xbox is chipped, thanks in advance for your help!

Yes and no :smiley:
Yes, you can play online when it’s chipped, but you got a very good chance of having your console banned from Live, although it might not happen straight away as Microsoft banns consoles randomly, so it’s pure pot luck really.
So in other words, if you want to play on Live, don’t chip it.

You don’t really need to chip it as long as you’re prepared to wait for 2 months after a new game has come out. I bought Call of Duty 4, GTA 4, Fable 2, Bad Company and Tiger Woods '09 for between 600-800 NT$ each. Second-hand, but in immaculate condition. New, they varied in price from 1800-2400. There are two shops in Xiemen Dien that have quite a big selection of second-hand games. If you are really keen on XBox Live, not worth running the risk of getting your console banned.
Also, buying the arcade pack could be OK if you like arcade games. I bought my console at Carrefour for 12000NT$ and got Halo 3, Blue Dragon, Forza 2 and Viva Pinata free with it.

Thanks for your replies but does the xbox live really worth it? I mean if not, I’d rather chip it and enjoy the large selection of games available for 100 or 200nt each.

Playing on-line doesn’t really interest me, so I don’t have XBox Live.
Those 100-200$ games are a false economy. I have about 30 of them which I bought in Bangkok. A third of them won’t load, and the remaining two-thirds cause the console to crash periodically or have major glitches. Well worth it to spend a little more and know that the game isn’t going to conk out on you at a crucial time or erase you previous saves. You pay for what you get. Anyway I’m quite up for a game exchange if you’re keen. Swop games for two weeks or whatever.

Another option is to find a place that lets you trade games in. We do that, and get back the same price we paid (in store credit), minus an NT$100 fee. There aren’t a lot of games I want to keep once I’ve finished them, so in the end it works out at a hundred a game. Not bad!

(Are you in Taichung? I seem like I remember that you are. If so, the shop on MinQuan Rd, on the right just before it crosses the canal and then JianGuo Rd and under the railway bridge, is the place we use. Remember to ask for an exchange sticker when you first buy games.)

Ok I made up my mind, I’m going for the 60gb pack and hope I won’t regret it hehe I live in Taipei county by the way and I was also wondering if gamers in taipei had any gamers night or tournaments or game exchanges club? cheers!

Well, with the new xbox experience you can pre-load the games onto the hard drive to speed up the load time. It doesn’t work for all titles, but it’s likely to become better with newer titles.
Not heard about anything like that, but I’m playing a bit on live if anyone’s interested in hooking up and playing some games.
My Xbox Live user name is the same as on here.

I added you, my gamertag is just like here: rowley8
I’m looking into trading games or buying some at a reasonable price, so if you got gta 4-skate- gear of arms n wanna get rid of them, hit me up!

Anyone up for an online session or game trading? Thelostswede I sent you a msg on ur xbox live but it seems u’re never on! My buddy owns a pub in taipei city and he’s planning a xbox 360 night, should be lots of fun!

Sorry, I had an RROD last week…
Waiting to have the console fixed/replaced.
Off on holiday now for a couple of weeks as well.
I will be on once I get it back though, no worries :smiley:

Aight cool hehe, how did you get the ring of death?