Anyone put their kids in public school without ARC?



We have been “on our way” to Taiwan for 6 months (travelling). My kids are fluent in Mandarin - including read and writing having attended Chinese schools their whole lives - and they want to go to a Taiwanese public primary school (highly motivated kids).

I can get an ARC once I am in Taiwan but it will take some time (Entrepreneur visa). I am moving my start up from SV to Taiwan (long story).

Anyway, I spoke with the immigration dept by phone and the officer said she “heard” that some schools let kids in before they get their ARC. But you know, it is something heard about.

I was in Taiwan last year and visited several schools and met with the principals. All said they would be happy to have my kids in their schools (showed them a video of my daughter winning a Chinese speech contest, etc.). So no issue with idea of having foreign kids in the schools.

I just don’t want to have my kids sitting at home for 2+ months. I will have to home school them and that will slow down my Taiwan integration duties.



Did you ask about that to the principles?

I’ve also heard/read on kids who could be in school without ARC, but it is just someone said that they had heard.

Do you need a 2 month preparation to apply for your ARC, or 2 month for review after you submit the application?

You can send them to buxiban without ARC.


I don’t have a visa yet - so no way to get an ARC. I am doing business rather than having an office job so visa a little more involved.


You need residency to attend public school here. So yes, an ARC is a must ASAP.

However, you may be able to have your kids attend a public school as “froeign exchange students”. It has been done before. WenHua Elementary in Beitou has done this before. I suggest you contact their principal, English department head and PTA to ask them if they can do this for you while you wait for the ARC.


Thanks. Great info. I am heading to Taiwan next week. Better to meet them in person.


I got my tickets to Taipei. Flying is so cheap these days. USD 75 one way from Malaysia.


One more day to Taipei.


Schools are OK with taking kids in as long as parent is actually applying for a visa. Turns out foreigners have been known to dump their kids in Taiwan and let them stay illegally.

Went to several Chinese elementary schools today that were recommended but some schools had spot for one kids but not the other. So I will need start calling schools on the list to find an opening.