Anyone read Woolf?

I’m reading Mrs. Dalloway. I’m curious if anyone is pretty familar with Woolf. I found Blanchot wrote an article about her; it’s included in “Book to Come.”

This article is a pretty decent beginning to understand the novel. … sdalloway/

I read A Room of Her Own in Freshman English along with Eudora Welty’s After the Flood. We were supposed to read a bunch of other stuff, but I dropped the class because I was starting to feel too girlie.

I loved Mrs Dalloway but only on my second reading of it. I recommend seeing The Hours too, if you haven’t already. I also saw a book in Eslite once that I wanted to buy but was too skint to, but I wrote down the name so I could hunt it down another time - The Mrs Dalloway Reader, edited by Francine Prose. From what I remember it was composed of Woolf’s own notes during the writing process, and probably a few essays too. I read To The Lighthouse a little while back and liked that, and I have The Years on my bookshelf waiting to be read.

Since being in Taiwan I’ve read “Orlando” “To the lighthouse” and am currently reading “Mrs. Dalloway” As an Englishman she brings back an air of nostalgia for English summers. I’d say “Orlando” is my favourite, just because of the crazy timeline and the way she sucks you in and make you believe the story. :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy: