Anyone running Winamp on their iPod?

I know this shoots off The Princess’ thread about ladyboys using iPods (miss you, baby!),

but (and if you’re going to tell me how great iTunes is or try to solve my problems, thanks anyway, but save your breath) I’m specifically interested in anyone’s experiences using Winamp as their primary iPod OS.
I finally got a new Pod, and, predictably, iTunes (for Windows, specifically) is acting the right cunt in about 6 different ways.
I never really used to have any time for Winamp, but after implementing it on the advice of Scouser Stu and using it for 6 months running the music for the bar, I really came around to liking it a lot.
And the new versions will auto-detect the player and offer all the goodies (and maybe more) that iTunes does.
So I was thinking I might just tell iTunes to go pound sand up its ass and initiate the whole new Pod with WA.
Anyone got tales to tell on this?

ETA: these all look good, anyone? anyone?

I haven’t used Winamp for about 8 years, but by the sounds of it, it’s got much better. I haven’t used iTunes for yonks either, btw. I currently use Amarok, and I’ve previously used Banshee, but both of these are only available on Linux.
If Winamp’s working for you then by all means use it with your pod. You may have to do the whole reloading of songs initially, but after that you should be OK. I haven’t missed iTunes at all. Just, you know, back up your songs first… just in case.

Nice thread.

I’m tired of my Ipod music experience, but ok with the TV episode experience from ipod… mostly because it’s the best (legal) alternative around.

I might try songbird and see how that goes (and post about it).