Anyone see wong faye's concert last night?

If you did, can you tell me if you recognized any of the songs she played? I went and I’m putting together a playlist in windows media player of the concert songs.

How was the concert. I wish I could have gone. Tell me when the next one is.


I thought Wong’s performance was good but it’s a bit hard for me to judge, as it was my first full-fledged, six-costume-changes Taiwanese concert.

The crowd was really dead. When she finished singing the last song she sank through a hole in the stage and most of the crowd was filing for the exit before the band finished the last notes. And the people with expensive seats near the stage all stayed sitting the whole damn time.

I thought it was pretty cool that I got in at all, I showed up half an hour before and picked up a ticket from a scalper. :slight_smile:

After listening through my Wong Faye songs I am pretty sure she played most of these:

also, Mandarin covers of “Dreams” by the Cranberries and “Silent all these Years” by Tori Amos and an English cover of "Heart of Glass’ by Blondie.

The “Silent All These Years” cover is called “Leng Zhan” (Cold War) as I recall.